Episode 52 – Live From Anaheim

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BLIZZCON IS HERE! Errr, well it was, IT CAME! And WE WERE THERE! And we got together with a bunch of friends from the community to discuss everything that we learned while down in Anaheim. Listen on as we discuss our experiences with playing Reaper of Souls and meeting the vastly approachable development and community teams.

In this episode:

* We were joined by a number of special guests for our special LIVE FROM ANAHEIM POST-BLIZZCON ROUND-UP including Breja’s son PDawg, Jesse aka @HomeTownHero008, Beta and Dr J Dredscythe from GrindEXP.com, everybody’s favorite ninja wizard Jaetch, Critical Mass rapper Melkor, and the Magic Man himself, Shawno!

* We discuss our hands-on experiences with both the Act V campaign and Adventure Mode demos on both PC and Playstation 4. You may be a little surprised to hear what everyone decided to give a spin on the demos.

* While it wasn’t outrightly stated, we did discuss the ramifications of the change in the difficulty system and the removal of the four difficulty modes: Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno.

* We share our thoughts on other various details that we learned during the panels and/or slightly more private interviews with the developers including some details about some systems coming to the Playstation 4 version that wasn’t mentioned on stage!

Links for you to Visit:

* Beta and Dr J Dredscythe will be publishing numerous articles containing a wide-range of information on everything announced and shared at Blizzcon over at GrindEXP.com, we suggest you visit their site to get their juicy details.

* Everyone loves ninjas and wizards right? Well make sure to check out Jaetch’s YouTube channel for all of his wizard hijinks!


* In case you didn’t already know, Nevik loves wizards, so it would only make sense that with Melkor in the house that we would promote Melkor’s series proclaiming his love for Critical Mass.

* With Shawno finally stepping from behind the editor’s desk, it’s about time we promoted NoMarket.org, a site where you can find everything that Shawn and Jen publish on the net.

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