Round Table – Patch 1.0.8, Basically

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

Listen on as we discuss the major nuances of Patch 1.0.8, our excitement for as well as the potential downsides of the monster density change, whether the social feature improvements are enough, what we feel is missing from the patch, and how basic everything basically is, basically.

Joining us for this round table was 9pad (@9PadGaming), Dave Dienforce Adams (@Dienforce) from the now defunct Diablo Off the Record and Dungeon Crawler podcasts, Jaime (@JCMonkeyD3), Jesse aka Saintly Demon (@HomeTownHero008), Mach1, Overtime, Scanline (@scanline75), and Torrack (@Daladria).

If you couldn’t make it to our Patch 1.0.8 community round table fret not, there will be more round tables in the future. You can expect a round table for each substantial patch as Diablo 3 matures into the game we all want it to be. So go download Mumble to join in on the fun with us.

Quick Note: You’ll notice at times the audio during the round table community isn’t quite all … that great. Somehow Nevik’s recording levels didn’t mesh well with Mumble. It’s still quite listenable, but hopefully next time it will be a lot better.

Upcoming Community Round Table

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

Almost immediately following us wrapping up episode 32 we were treated with the fabled preview blog of patch 1.0.7. Unfortunately for us that meant a HUGE nugget of really important information would have to wait until our next recording session in late January. Given the depth and importance of the changes being previewed, letting this information languish until then sure didn’t feel like a good idea.

So then it dawned on us, why not utilize our Mumble server and open up a round table discussion about patch 1.0.7 with you, the listener?

Good idea, right? We sure think so. By holding a community round table we can get more opinions and impressions of the changes coming in 1.0.7 from a wider variety of perspectives. This also allows us to be more timely with discussing this information while not bogging down our next episode with lots of 1.0.7 talk.

Oh sure, we’re certain the discussion will continue well in to the next couple of episodes, but we can all agree that a 2+ hour MEGA show would be unwieldy for everyone. So instead we’re going to try out a separate round table format and see how it is received.

Okay, so with all that being said, how do you, the listener, participate?

As previously stated, we’re going to be holding this patch 1.0.7 round table on Mumble, so make sure you have Mumble installed on your computer and go through the audio setup wizard if you haven’t already done so. (The wizard is pretty easy to follow and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete).

Next step is to check out the Patch 1.0.7 Preview Blog by Mr. Wizard-Hater errr I mean Wyatt Cheng OR the Patch 1.0.7 patch notes (which may or may not be updated and changed as the week progresses).

You needn’t download the Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.7 PTR client, but by all means do so if you want to check out the changes for yourself. Hopefully the PTR will be stable enough for some of us to have some first-hand experience with the changes, but we also want to have an “outside-looking-in” perspective on the round table as well.

So when will we be holding this Patch 1.0.7 Round Table?

Friday, January 18th at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern

Make sure you clear your calendars on Friday, January 18th at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern. More than likely we won’t start EXACTLY at this time as some “pre-show” will definitely occur to loosen everyone up.

If this round table format works out well we’ll be sure to revisit it with substantial patches in the future.

Hope to “see” you there!

Episode 25 – Not That Kind of Monk

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

In this episode, we’re down our 4th musketeer due to work obligations that Lanntonio couldn’t get out of. That’s okay, Nevik, Breja and Jen still convened to discuss what we’ve been up to since our last show: Nevik took a vacation in panda-land, Jen’s altoholic nature reared it’s head again, and Breja finally puked his way to 60!

In this episode:

* Well, would you look at that. According to the calendar the show will be a year old come October 12th. Can you believe it? The year has really flown by. We reminisce about how the show came together and celebrate how well the show has done thanks to you, our wonderful listeners.

* We read, and respond to, the emails we’ve received from our wonderful listeners. This batch came from: Chad and Tensor. Thank you for your emails! Keep them coming!

* Nevik discusses the reasons as to why he took a step back from the game, ie. the great wizard nerf(s) and the growing frustration with the lack of communication from the development team as their vision for what direction they’re taking the wizard in.

Links for you to Visit:

* Tensor provided us a link to his wizard’s profile as well as his former ranged nuke wizard build and his tenative critical mass – melee wizard build.

* Blizzard’s Customer Service department is changing their hours of operation. Check out the official blog post detailing the changes.

* A couple of new builds have been deployed to the 1.0.5 PTR. Check out the latest patch notes to see what has changed since the PTR went live.

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Episode 24 – No Shawarma After These Credits

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

In this episode, the full cast is back to mourn the departure of our friends leaving for the mystical lands of anthropomorphic pandas. After a brief moment of silence (we’re kidding, we didn’t really) we get back on topic and discuss what we have been up to in-game: Breja’s new job allowed little time to play, Lanntonio has waffled once more and is back on his wizard, and [Cue triumphant trumpets] Jen downed Diablo with her barbarian and Nevik finally cleared Inferno!

In this episode:

* We slip a little bit of Diablo news in before reading your emails to discuss the new system, Monster Power, and what we might expect from it.

* We read, and respond to, the emails we’ve received from our wonderful listeners. This batch came from: Master Do, Darksoul, Commander Bird and Torhammer. Thank you for your emails! Keep them coming!

* We bare the intimate details of our … *ahem* rigs that we play Diablo 3 on.

* Prompted by your emails, we discuss numerous aspects that has us excited about the upcoming Patch 1.0.5 as well as a few that make us #sadpandas. For more details on Patch 1.0.5 check out the official patch notes.

* Speaking of Patch 1.0.5, the PTR (Public Test Realm) went live on Friday — and then brought back down over the weekend — so we discuss what to expect from the PTR. If you’d like to participate in the PTR, follow these links for instructions on How to Download the PTR Client and How to Copy a Character from the Live Servers.

Links for you to Visit:

* We reference an interview with Jay Wilson and Wyatt Cheng over at PC Gamer. There we a lot of interesting questions answered so we recommend that you check out the interview for further juicy tidbits.

* Darksoul provided us a link to his profile so you can check out his melee wizard build.

* Nevik and Lanntonio talk a little about the data-mined information about the Infernal Machine and it’s reward the legendary Hellfire rings coming in 1.0.5. For more detail, head over to this post at

* Nevik mentions that he tried out and subsequently fell in love with the Archon-explosion wizard build. Here’s a link to the skill calculator highlighting the skills for this REDONKULOUS build.

* Nevik also mentions a guide by eLINminatior on the official Diablo 3 forums which details the Sustained Archon wizard build being used by more and more top-end wizards. It has exceptionally high gear requirements, but you too can check it out and dream like Nevik about face-rolling demons with this build.

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