Episode 24 – No Shawarma After These Credits

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In this episode, the full cast is back to mourn the departure of our friends leaving for the mystical lands of anthropomorphic pandas. After a brief moment of silence (we’re kidding, we didn’t really) we get back on topic and discuss what we have been up to in-game: Breja’s new job allowed little time to play, Lanntonio has waffled once more and is back on his wizard, and [Cue triumphant trumpets] Jen downed Diablo with her barbarian and Nevik finally cleared Inferno!

In this episode:

* We slip a little bit of Diablo news in before reading your emails to discuss the new system, Monster Power, and what we might expect from it.

* We read, and respond to, the emails we’ve received from our wonderful listeners. This batch came from: Master Do, Darksoul, Commander Bird and Torhammer. Thank you for your emails! Keep them coming!

* We bare the intimate details of our … *ahem* rigs that we play Diablo 3 on.

* Prompted by your emails, we discuss numerous aspects that has us excited about the upcoming Patch 1.0.5 as well as a few that make us #sadpandas. For more details on Patch 1.0.5 check out the official patch notes.

* Speaking of Patch 1.0.5, the PTR (Public Test Realm) went live on Friday — and then brought back down over the weekend — so we discuss what to expect from the PTR. If you’d like to participate in the PTR, follow these links for instructions on How to Download the PTR Client and How to Copy a Character from the Live Servers.

Links for you to Visit:

* We reference an interview with Jay Wilson and Wyatt Cheng over at PC Gamer. There we a lot of interesting questions answered so we recommend that you check out the interview for further juicy tidbits.

* Darksoul provided us a link to his profile so you can check out his melee wizard build.

* Nevik and Lanntonio talk a little about the data-mined information about the Infernal Machine and it’s reward the legendary Hellfire rings coming in 1.0.5. For more detail, head over to this post at Diablofans.com.

* Nevik mentions that he tried out and subsequently fell in love with the Archon-explosion wizard build. Here’s a link to the skill calculator highlighting the skills for this REDONKULOUS build.

* Nevik also mentions a guide by eLINminatior on the official Diablo 3 forums which details the Sustained Archon wizard build being used by more and more top-end wizards. It has exceptionally high gear requirements, but you too can check it out and dream like Nevik about face-rolling demons with this build.

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