Episode 126 – Witch Doctor Jaunt

Breja, Jen, and Vesper were all available for this episode – so we almost had a full four-person party. Each of us talked about what we’ve accomplished in Season 7 (so far) and what goals we hope to accomplish before Season 7 ends.

In this episode:

* Breja makes an important announcement.

* Listeners responded to last episode’s Question of the Show, which was “What’s your best advice on how to master a set dungeon?” Plenty of great advice was shared.

* We read and responded to tweets from: @thealienationer, @Aahzmadius, and @DreadwingOne. Thank you for your tweets!

* We read and responded to wonderful emails from Berghagen77 and from RumClub. Thank you for taking the time to send us such detailed emails!

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Links for you to Visit:

* The Blizzcon Website posted an article about the BlizzCon 2016 In-Game Goodies. The goodies include a Diablo 20th Anniversary Pet.


* Want to change your BattleTag? Paid Battle Tag changes are now available.

* Blizzard is transitioning away from using the Battle.net name in their gaming service and functionality.

* That Diablo 2 HD website that popped up momentarily and then disappeared was not from Blizzard.

* Tatasinke included Shattered Soulstone episode 125 in its September 26th edition of New Tristram News. Thanks, Tatasinke!

Episode 125 – Playing Solo

In this episode, Jen babbles on about Diablo III all by themself while fighting a sinus infection and bad allergies. Hopefully, ya’ll will find this episode entertaining anyway.

In this episode:

* I share what I’ve been up to in Diablo III by talking about missing Achievement Toasts (that turned into Achievement Toast Spam), and how far I’ve gotten in the Season Journey.

* The new question of the show is: What’s your best advice on how to master a set dungeon? Send an email with your ideas to show@shatteredsoulstone.com.

* I read and responded to tweets from: @shawno, @thealienationer, @nevikjames, and @KatzuHSMedia.

* I read and responded to an awesome email from RumClub. Thanks for the email!

You can send your thoughts, questions, comments, and stories about what you have been up to in Diablo III to show@shatteredsoulstone.com, or send us a tweet @ShatteredStone. We will be happy to read it and share our thoughts about it in our next episode.

Links for you to Visit:

* Chris Metzen is retiring from Blizzard Entertainment!

* Josh Mosqueira is now part of Bonfire Studios.

* Wyatt Cheng addressed a common question from the Barbarian Community in Developer Chronicles: Wrath of the Wastes.

* There was a Diablo Live Art Session at Gamescom 2016. It featured Senior Diablo III artist Paul David who drew the Dark Wanderer. ….Why did he pick the Dark Wanderer? Speculation abounds!

* Moonware Picture and Productions MTK4 is making a Diablo fan film called Diablo: Rise of the Demon Hunter.

* Game Dev Unchained interviewed Jay Wilson in their Episode 46 – “Directing Diablo 3 and dealing with burnout featuring Jay Wilson”.

* Dreadscythe on BlizzPro wrote an interesting article titled Developer Hell #2 – Paragon: “A Tale Of Two Cities”.

* Diabloii.net posted an interview with Community Manager Grimiku: “One life to live: Behind the Blue Veil Interview with Diablo’s Grimiku”.

* There’s an amusing Forum Post on Battle.net titled “2 Cents on Stash Space Tied to Seasons”.

Episode 110 – Almost Full, Looking For One More

In this episode, we have almost a full group! Breja and Jen are joined by Lanntonio (who had a whole lot to share about what he’s been up to in-game). As always, we read and responded to Tweets from listeners, and kept you up to date about things posted by Community Managers.

In this episode:

* We read and responded to tweets from: @Jon_Philippi, @Hawgeye_ctr, @Kherova, @simple_destro, @KSBpodcast, @Kagerai_Leblue, @guerilla_law, @TheWMWorkshop, @scanline75, @thealienationer, and @The_Breja

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Our question for episode 111 is: What paragon level are you now? Happy with the progress this season? You can send your response in a Tweet (@ShatteredStone) or an email. Send the email to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com!

Links for you to Visit:

* Season Rebirth Mail Expiring Soon!
Did you use the new Season Rebirth feature? Make sure you go get your loot out of your in-game email before it disappears!

* Community Manager Kauza responded to a forum post titled: Kanai’s Cube Items Disappear. The stuff that was mysteriously missing from your Kanai’s Cube might have been returned to you.

* Community Manager Nevalistis responded to a Forum Post that asked about Set Dungeon Gear by pointing people toward “a pretty spiffy page about Set Dungeons” on their Game Guide.

* A minor patch has fixed the problem of the Diablo III client taking an extended period of time to terminate after the game had been closed.

* Writer Jason Schreier wrote a post titled: “How Not to Play Diablo III, which was rather insightful.

* Having problems with the Raekor Set Dungeon? Leviathan has a video that might help you:

* Leviathan also has a very helpful video in which he explains “How to Augment Your Gear With Caldessann’s Despair”:

Episode 109 – Orange Numbers and Chocolate Cows

In this episode, Breja and Jen compare Season 5 to previous Seasons. They note that many in the Diablo III community are finding set dungeons to be super difficult. They also discuss the hows and whys of orange numbers.

In this episode:

* We read and responded to tweets from @Kherova, @Queenofhaiku, @HomeTownHero008, @thealienationer, @KSBpodcast, and @nevikjames.

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Our question for episode 110 is: How many tries did it take you to complete the Set Dungeons?

We received email from Funktropus. If you would like to send us an email about what you have been up to in game, or with Diablo related questions, please do! Send it to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com! We also read a comment we got on the Shattered Soulstone website from Dan. Feel free to add your voice to Shattered Soulstone through tweets, email, or even comments on our website. All are appreciated.

Links for you to Visit:

* Engineering Diablo IIIs Damage Numbers
Blizzard explains why the damage numbers that pop up on your screen look different than they used to. They also delve into the difficulties involved in making the number abbreviation work for every language that Diablo III can be played in, and why the numbers are orange.

* Forum Post: “Double Bounty Weekend?”
Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng responds to a players question about whether or not we will see a double bounty weekend during Season 5.

* Forum Post: “S6 Grevious Wounds Bug”
Community Manager Nevalistis points out something that is not a bug, but is working as intended. She also points out something that is a bug.

* Having trouble getting through the set dungeons? Feeling frustrated about it? You are not alone! There is a Forum Post: “The Set Dungeons Are… Really Bad” where players are expressing their opinions about set dungeons.

* Slightly off topic from Diablo – but perhaps relevant to people who play Diablo III and Heroes of the Storm: two Diablo 2 characters are being added to Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard Watch has more information about those two characters, and points out that you can play Li Ming the Wizard on the Heroes of the Storm PTR.


Episode 105 – Shattered Hoodstone

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

In our 105th episode the Patch 2.4 PTR is here and the hype train is going at full speed. CHOO CHOO! We then get down to business discussing what we’ve been up to: Breja continues to struggle finding time to play, Nevik is recharged, and Lanntonio is contemplating focusing on a single class next season.

In this episode:

  • We read, and respond to a solitary email from first time contributor, Ryan. Listener participation has been absolutely amazing and is primarily why we do this show, so keep them coming! We WILL get to all the emails we receive, even if occasionally we have to push a few to the next episode. Send in your stories of RNGesus triumph to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com!
  • The PTR for Patch 2.4 is HERE! We sound like a broken record, but each and every single patch continues to improve upon the game. Do you have any souls left to reap? Needless to say, we are excited and give some impressions from the brief amount of time we’ve had on the PTR.
  • Does all of the free content we have been receiving rule out the possibility of a 2nd expansion? Why is Team 3 giving us so much without asking for anything in return? While the former question is still up for debate, a recent interview from PCgamesN with Josh Mosqueira gives some insight on why so much has been added to the game without being locked behind a pay-wall.
  • Recently there was a job-posting for a position to return Blizzard classics to the glory that they deserve. Does this mean Diablo II is being remade? We discuss what the position could mean for the heralded pinnacle of the series.

Links for you to Visit:

  • Even with everything that Patch 2.4 is bringing, there has been MORE datamined from the client and DiabloFans has been happy to share. Do note that everything datamined might not be intended for 2.4, it does highlight that there is indeed a metric ton of cosmetic options coming in the future.
  • With the dust settling on the info-dump from Blizzcon 2015, community manager Nevalistis put together an official Blizzcon 2015 round-up including links to the extensive coverage from the show.

Other Entertainment/Games:

  • From now on this segment of the show will be exclusively for our Twitch/YouTube viewers in an effort to reduce editing time and show length. If you want to hear us talk about anything and everything outside of Diablo, then check out our Twitch and YouTube channels.

Have a Diablo III related comment, question, story, or rant that you’d like to share with all of us? Send your email, or short audio comment, to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com.

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