Episode 125 – Playing Solo

In this episode, Jen babbles on about Diablo III all by themself while fighting a sinus infection and bad allergies. Hopefully, ya’ll will find this episode entertaining anyway.

In this episode:

* I share what I’ve been up to in Diablo III by talking about missing Achievement Toasts (that turned into Achievement Toast Spam), and how far I’ve gotten in the Season Journey.

* The new question of the show is: What’s your best advice on how to master a set dungeon? Send an email with your ideas to show@shatteredsoulstone.com.

* I read and responded to tweets from: @shawno, @thealienationer, @nevikjames, and @KatzuHSMedia.

* I read and responded to an awesome email from RumClub. Thanks for the email!

You can send your thoughts, questions, comments, and stories about what you have been up to in Diablo III to show@shatteredsoulstone.com, or send us a tweet @ShatteredStone. We will be happy to read it and share our thoughts about it in our next episode.

Links for you to Visit:

* Chris Metzen is retiring from Blizzard Entertainment!

* Josh Mosqueira is now part of Bonfire Studios.

* Wyatt Cheng addressed a common question from the Barbarian Community in Developer Chronicles: Wrath of the Wastes.

* There was a Diablo Live Art Session at Gamescom 2016. It featured Senior Diablo III artist Paul David who drew the Dark Wanderer. ….Why did he pick the Dark Wanderer? Speculation abounds!

* Moonware Picture and Productions MTK4 is making a Diablo fan film called Diablo: Rise of the Demon Hunter.

* Game Dev Unchained interviewed Jay Wilson in their Episode 46 – “Directing Diablo 3 and dealing with burnout featuring Jay Wilson”.

* Dreadscythe on BlizzPro wrote an interesting article titled Developer Hell #2 – Paragon: “A Tale Of Two Cities”.

* Diabloii.net posted an interview with Community Manager Grimiku: “One life to live: Behind the Blue Veil Interview with Diablo’s Grimiku”.

* There’s an amusing Forum Post on Battle.net titled “2 Cents on Stash Space Tied to Seasons”.

Episode 22 – Hot as Fresno

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

In this episode, Breja rejoins the cast after surviving a HOT, fun-filled vacation in the magical land of California. As usual we begin the show discussing what we’ve been up in-game: Jen is loving Act III, Breja is loving the Puke Doctor changes in 1.0.4 and Nevik has been playing just a wee-bit … err okay, a metric ton.

Quick note: You will notice that the audio quality is a little … skype’sh every now and then. We had a locally recorded track decide that it didn’t want to cooperate so we had to use the master track as recorded through skype. It’s still listenable, but there will be audio imperfections from time-to-time.

In this episode:

* We read, and respond to, the emails we’ve received resulting in lengthy discussions on a wide variety of topics. This batch came from: Chris, Commander Bird, St. Motorspark and Sangera. Thank you for your emails! Keep them coming!

* We discuss our impressions of patch 1.0.4 touching upon some of the class and system changes. Check out the patch notes as well as Blizzard’s blog post about the Paragon Leveling system!

* On a more sour note, as prompted by an email from Sangera, we discuss the after-math of Jay Wilson saying something on Facebook that he wishes he didn’t. You can read his apology here and watch the interview with David Brevik here which prompted the whole situation to happen.

Links for you to Visit:

* If you’re wondering what the Paragon leveling experience requirements would look like as a pie-chart Diablofans user Vomica (he’s even a puke doctor!) has delivered. You can check it out here.

* Flux over at diablo.incgamers has comprised a historical look at the design philosophies behind the level cap in contrast to the decision to go forward with the Paragon Leveling system.

* SYLbarefoot, a fellow Soulstoner, has started up his own podcast with a friend called Step Your Geek Up! It’s a fun show focusing on comics, video games, movies, and everything else that would interest us geeks. Give it a listen, we’re positive that you’ll enjoy it, but do keep in mind that there is occasionally language.

* Our good friend Rho, devout Maghda-lover, is back in the Diablo fold and he’s done something crazy. What did he do? Well go check out his post on his blog, Realm Maintenance, and find out!

* We somehow let these Diablo 3 class stories slip through our fingers. They’re great reads that will help flesh out the histories and motivations of each character class in the game. Check out the Wizard, Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter and Puke Doctor short stories!

* St. Motorspark, a new listener, provided us with a link to his Diablo 3 profile in case we were curious about what a tank doctor would look like.

* Diablo 3 is now FREE to play!! … up to level 13! If you’ve been holding out on picking up the game you can now check it out obligation free. We highly encourage everyone sitting-on-the-fence to take the plunge. Come join us!

Have a Diablo III related comment, question, story, or rant that you’d like to share with all of us? Send your email, or short audio comment, to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com.

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