Episode 94 – Kill Many, Many Goblins

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

In our 94th episode, we are down Jen and Lanntonio but fret not as the odd couple of Nevik and Breja hold down the fort. With Season 3 completed, Patch 2.3 deployed, and season 4 just around the corner we get straight to business and talk about what we’ve been up to: Breja finally had Kadala put out and Nevik has No Time for Losers.

In this episode:

  • We read and respond to a bunch of emails from Funktropus, Master Do, Aahz, and Ttosk. Listener participation has been absolutely amazing and is primarily why we do this show, so keep them coming! We WILL get to all the emails we receive, even if occasionally we have to push a few to the next episode. Send in your stories of RNGesus triumph to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com!
  • Do you like cross-game promotions? We inquired on Twitter your thoughts on the Heroes of the Storm and Diablo 3 promotions. Be sure to follow the show account, @ShatteredStone, on Twitter for future Questions of the Show.
  • PATCH 2.3 IS HERE! As you might imagine we spend a lot of time discussing our experiences with the new patch and run down the major features of it. Are you enjoying Patch 2.3? We sure are; feels like a mini-expansion wouldn’t you say?
  • WE NEED YOUR HELP! Your participation can ensure that this fun segment makes an appearance every show. Send your Official Forum Thread Masterpiece Theater audio segments (or humorous forum threads) to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com.

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  • With the addition of Torment VII-X Blizzard was kind enough to provide us with the numerical modifiers for the new difficulty levels. There are other modifiers, however, and Diabloii.net published an article with rough estimates as to those values.

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Episode 48 – Without Lanntonio, We’re Lost

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

In this episode, we are once again without our 4th Musketeer, Lanntonio, on account of a terrible work schedule. After some riveting FOOTBALL TALK we get down to business by discussing what we’ve been up to in-game: Jen has been dreaming about Diablo, Breja is running for his life with his demon hunter, and Nevik went on an adventure with Diablo 3 for the Xbox 360.

In this episode:

* We read, and respond to, a trio of emails we received from our wonderful listeners. This batch comes to us from Doug, Tensor, and Rilandune. Thank you for the emails! Keep them coming, really!

* We received tweets from @CkRtech, @hpbotha, @Jaetch, @9PadGaming, @grindexp (formerly @DrJDredScythe), @HomeTownHero008, and @NeoLee2111. Thank you for your tweets. Don’t forget that you, too, can send in your thoughts via social media outlets such as FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter.

* We posed a question on Twitter asking what are you doing to prepare for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Be sure to follow our show account, @ShatteredStone, on Twitter for future Questions of the Show.

* While Lanntonio wasn’t able to be with us to discuss his own experiences with the PS3 version of Diablo III, Nevik did share his thoughts and experiences with the Xbox 360 version. There are some definite differences between the console and PC versions and here’s a thread that details all of them.

* While discussing the changes to how loot drops and is handled in the console version, Nevik makes mention of Zwuckel’s (a Twitch.tv steamer) gear progression after approximately 70 hours of play. This prompts a discussion where we briefly explore the ramifications of getting the carrot sooner than later. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on the potential changes in the whole loot chase coming with Loot 2.0 by shooting us an email.

* We put together a second installment of our newest segment to the show, Official Forum Thread Masterpiece Theater, featuring the reenactment of a humorous forum post on the Official Diablo III forums. We are hoping that this new segment inspires some of our listeners to record themselves reenacting some gems from the forums that they find. If this strikes your fancy, send your Official Forum Thread Masterpiece Theater audio segments to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com.

This episode’s Official Forum Thread Masterpiece Theater segment bed music included Rondeau from Sinfonie de Fanfares by Jean-Joseph Mouret and I’m in Love (with Arthur Dove) by Portastatic.

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* J!nx has some new Diablo schwag for all of us to buy! Head on over and get your IRL-loot-on.

* Designs by Humans Diablo t-shirt contest still has a few days left for you to vote for you favorite designs that you want to see t-shirt-ified (is that even a thing?). There are some absolutely INCREDIBLE designs up there, so be sure to head on over and vote for your favorites!

* Tamplier Painter is back with another breath-taking piece of art with their take on Mephisto, Lord of Hatred.

* Are you excited about Transmogrification? You should be! If you don’t understand what all the fuss about, check out HonkMonk’s transmog contest on /r/Diablo.

* Lord Bacon (@hpbotha) shared with us a blog about what he’s doing to prepare for Reaper of Souls. Be sure to check out what he’s doing as well as his Diablo exploits in general on his blog, Clan Bacon.

* BlizzPlanet was another site that was fortunate enough to sit down with Josh Mosquiera and Kevin Martens at last month’s Gamescom. The audio is a bit rough, but thankfully DiabloFans put together a summation of the points covered in the interview.

* What episode wouldn’t be complete without Nevik sharing SOMETHING wizard-related? Not wanting to sit on his laurels, Nevik mentions a build of Fire and Ice put together by the Holy Hermit. His voice is very soothing. So be soothed by his dulcet peaceful tones.

Tatasinke is back with another edition of his Paper.li newspaper, the New Tristram News. Check it out and subscribe!

Song of the Show:

We’re back with another Song of the Show of the electronic-variety with Refraktion’s Final Boss. There’s a mild amount of WUBWUBWUB but not enough to put you off if you’re not a fan of dubstep. Be sure to check out more from Refraktion on SoundCloud as well as Facebook.

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