Episode 119 – How to Explode a Treasure Goblin

In this episode, Breja and Jen catch you up on what their Witch Doctors have been doing, take a look back into how Diablo used to be and how it changed over time, and get into a discussion about huge guilds in World of Warcraft (that has some relevance to not only Diablo III, but also real life).

Oh, and somewhere in there…. is a quick way to explode a Treasure Goblin.

In this episode:

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Season 6 isn’t as fresh and new as it used to be. As such, there wasn’t a ton of news to report (this time).

* Community Manager Nevalistis posted “Diablo Then & Now – Item Comparison Evolution” on battle.net. It gives players a look back at how we used to compare one item to another – and shows how that changed (and improved) over time.

* Reddit Diablo has a Forum post titled: “Diablo 3 Expansion 2 versus Diablo 4 / New Diablo Game – Full Summary”. It’s an interesting, speculative, post about what the future of the Diablo series could be.

* Reddit Diablo has another Forum post titled: [Anniversary] “I remember when…”. Players posted their favorite, and least favorite, memories of Diablo 3, now that the game has had its 4th anniversary. “I remember… Error 37!”

* TataSinke featured Shattered Soulstone episode 118 in his New Tristram News (May 9, 2016 edition). Thanks, TataSinke!

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