Interview with Red Team Gaming

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

It’s been awhile since we last had an interview on the show so we decided to pull in the two fine gents, Sibcoe and Dred. This dynamic duo has been responsible for the latest in the on-going series¬†State of Diablo 3 by Red Team Gaming.¬†Unsurprisingly the interview went far longer than we would include in a regular show so we are releasing it separately from the soon-to-be recorded episode 35.

Unfortunately Breja and Jen were unable to make it for the interview but Lanntonio and Nevik held down the fort and had an absolute blast talking with Sibcoe and Dred. Again, unsurprisingly, we meandered slightly off the “interview” and had some fantastic discussions about the game itself and the state that it is in. I know, crazy, right?

Be sure to check out Red Team Gaming and Sibcoe’s RTG YouTube channel for everything he amazingly has time to produce. Also don’t forget to check out Diablo Expressions as well as Dred’s YouTube channel for his own podcasts. We’re not joking, GO CHECK THEIR STUFF OUT. It’s really great and that’s why we just had to interview them.

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