Episode 34 – The 1.0.7th Rule of Brawling Is …

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In this episode, the full crew reunites after a week delay to sort out scheduling difficulties and to give us some time to enjoy something called Patch 1.0.7. After much rejoicing the crew gets down to business by discussing what we’ve been up to in-game: Lanntonio continued to puke all over the place, Breja was conflicted with his love of Blizzard, Jen brawled her way into the foul lair and Nevik dusted off his hardcore wizard!

In this episode:

* We read, and respond to, another mountain of email we received from our wonderful listeners. This batch comes to us from BayouMojo, Chpoit and Saintly Demon! Thank you for the many emails! Keep them coming!

* We received tweets from @nevikjames, @shawno, @Rilandune, @SLekva and @Medros! Thank you for your tweets. Don’t forget that you, too, can send in your thoughts via social media outlets such as FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter.

* Patch 1.0.7 was deployed to the live servers last week heralding in new crafting materials and plans, buffs to a few of the wizard and monk skills, and improvements the experience bonus granted by monster power in Inferno. For full details of everything that was changed, check out the patch notes for 1.0.7.

* If you’ve been holding out hope that we would be able to add sockets in the near future community manager Grimiku shared with us in a forum post that while it hasn’t been ruled out, it will not be coming anytime soon.

* With the new patch came a new way that rubies affected weapon damage. Originally this new calculation would apply to perfect square rubies and above, but in a forum post by community manager Vaeflare we learned that this change would apply to all levels of rubies.

* Have you been wondering what Project Blackstone is? Well wonder no longer! Turns out that Project Blackstone is a promotional website for Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm which releases on March 12th, 2013.

* Blizzard put out a poll for us to nominate our favorite villian in Diablo 3. Un-surprisingly Zoltun Kulle took the top slot and thankfully Rho’s favorite butterfly witch Maghda did not come in last. To see where everyone else slotted in at, check out the final results of Who’s Your Favorite Villain?

Links for you to Visit:

* Sibcoe is back along with another episode which you can now find on iTunes! Check out Red Team Gaming‘s on-going youtube series: State of the Game: Diablo 3 — Part 14.

* Inigo Montoya proposed a self-imposed rule set to make brawling a tad more interesting … and fair. Check out the thread on reddit for the rules.

* TryHardEnimity put together a great video guide for the new crafting plans introduced in patch 1.0.7 where he weighs the overall value and risks of the new bind on account craftables.

* If you’re looking to farm the new crafting material, demonic essence, check out Archon the Wizard’s guide for the best place to farm for them.

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