Episode 16 – Boss Guy Drops Stoof We Like!

Nevik, Breja, and Jen are all very excited about finally being able to play Diablo III! It was good to know that the game didn’t just end after you kill the Skeleton King. How many of you were still expecting to see text pop up on your screen after that kill, letting you know that you beat the Diablo III beta? 😉

Starting with this episode, we are including a new “segment”. Nevik, Breja, and Jen will be sharing what each of them have been up to in the Diablo III game. Don’t worry, we are being very careful not to reveal spoilers in our discussion.

In this episode:

* We read, and respond to, an amazing amount of listener email from LunarFisher, Floydman, Moogyver, and Ametous. We also go over a great comment that we got on the “Launch Night” blog post from Samuel Ma. We also got not one, but two, audio responses! Medros tells us how to find Development Hell, and Shawn clarifies about whether he is a runner or a clearer.

Send us your thoughts, comments, and Diablo III related stories to show@shatteredsoulstone.com. We will happily share them on the show!

* We quickly go over several new iTunes reviews from listeners. Big “Thank You!” to MrMistery, dws778899, Chad, and MMO4Life ! 🙂

* Nevik wrote a detailed blog post about his melee wizard on his blog, Nevik’s Notebook

* We talk a little about the Launch Night audio that Jen and Shawn recorded.

* Jen made a Diablo III Playlist for you to listen to. Shawn made it into a playlist on Spotify. (Thanks Shawn!)

* Jen finally got around to writing about the Diablo III 2012 wall calendar artwork for April. It’s about the Demon Hunter!

* Nevik and Jen were guests on Obscurecast! It is another show on the Dawnforge network, and we highly recommend you check it out.

* Please help out our good friend Skolnick! His Diablo III game is broken and won’t let him get in and start playing the game. If you have advice that can help him out, let him know @Skolnick_Who.

In Diablo news:

* Go get an Authenticator.

* Blizzard will help players in AU who didn’t get end up receiving their Diablo III game from GAME. Details here.

* The Real Money Auction House has been delayed.

* For more news, we recommend you check out Diablo Fans and Diablo Inc Gamers.


Nevik is going to make a witch doctor. Yes, really! However, since he’s been calling the class “The Puke Doctor” for so long, he is now having difficulty coming up with a good name for him. Help Nevik come up with a name!

Whoever comes up with the best, funniest, or most appropriate name will win a Hard cover Diablo III Limited Edition strategy guide*. Send your best witch doctor name to @shatteredstone before Friday, June 8, 2012, (before we record episode 17).

* Unfortunately this contest is only open to our listeners within the US or Canada.

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Episode 15 – Nate Kenyon, The Order, and the end is HERE!

Nevik, Breja, and Jen somehow managed to make episode 15 appear right around May 15, the day that Diablo III is released. We assure you that this was nothing more than a happy accident. I mean, it’s probably obvious that we aren’t amazingly organized. 😉

We are excited to bring you an interview that we did with Nate Kenyon. His book, Diablo III: The Order will be released on, you guessed it, May 15, 2012. Lots of epic fifteens in this episode! We had a great time talking with Nate, and we think you will really enjoy listening to this interview.

You can find out more about Nate Kenyon, and the other books he has written, on his website.

Medros joins us in this episode, to help keep us on track. Some of us may or may not have been drinking… um, mana potions, yeah… during parts of this episode.

In this episode
* We read, and respond to, listener email from Chronic Fatigue and Chaos. There is also one from Jen (because it amused Nevik to put it in the show). We also read and respond to an amazing comment that Chad wrote on our blog. Thanks, everyone!
Send us your Diablo related thoughts and experiences right to our inbox at show@shatteredsoulstone.com.

* Jen shares what happened at the end of the Diablo III beta.

* Chaos asked us: “Are you a runner or a clearer?

* Breja shares an amusing “May 15th” story from his wife.

* We have an exciting interview with Nate Kenyon! 😀

* Jen wrote a review of Diablo III: The Order. Nate Kenyon said “it’s pretty damn good”.

In Diablo News:

* Things to know about the Real Money Auction House.

* Exciting stuff is coming in the Diablo III Character Profiles!

* Diablo: Wrath, animated by Peter Chung.

* Need advice about what to do before you start play Diablo: III? Blizzard has a Launch Day Preparation Guide for you.

* What class will you play? This article has what Jay Wilson, Clayton Vaught, Wyatt Cheng, Jill Harrington, and Matt Panepinto will be playing when the game launches.

* There are 6 Blue Posts that you should read before Diablo III is released.

* Did you get invited to the Diablo III beta? Then you are One of the Chosen. Enjoy your Feat of Strength.

* The Diableards are about to disappear! Check out this wonderful gallery of some really interesting ones. Reading the comments makes this even more fun!

Other Randomness:

* “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

* Leeroy Jenkins. (Warning to those who care, there are swear words said in this video).

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