Regulations – Episode 371

In this episode, I talked about a variety of regulations that are either being appropriately used, or are being ignored by the people in power. I also provide an update on Hellguard: Curse of Caina, two large conferences, unionization efforts, a Diablo Immortal “whale”, updates on Diablo Immortal and Diablo III.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Hellguard: Curse of Caina had a successful Kickstarter (and is at GenCon)
  • GenCon posted Convention Health and Safety Information
  • TheGamer posted an article titled: “A Better Ubisoft Says None Of Its Demands Have Been Met Over The Past Year”
  • Rock Paper Shotgun titled: “Ubisoft employee group say none of their demands have been met”
  • @ABetterABK tweeted support for @ABetterUbisoft
  • @WeAreGWAAlbany posted a thread about Activision Blizzard fighting against their union
  • NME posted an article titled: “‘It’s the year of worker power,” – why unionization in gaming is here to stay
  • @tchumanunion (TenderClaws) tweeted they are the 4th video game company in North America with a recognized union.
  • NikoPartners posted information titled: “Indonesia Requires Formal Registration Of Tech And Game Companies”
  • @ZhugeEX (Daniel Ahmad) tweeted more information about how that will affect unregistered gaming companies
  • TheGamer posted an article titled: “Belgium’s Loot Box Ban Has Been “Ineffective”, Remains In 82 Percent of Top Games”
  • TheGamer posted an article titled: “How Many Partners Need To Drop Out Of TwitchCon Before The Safety Requirements Come Back?”
  • David Brevik (creator of Diablo) answered a question someone asked him on Twitter about sprites
  • @Diablo tweeted that Diablo III’s 2.7.4 PTER has come to an end
  • Diablo posted news titled: “Diablo III PTR 2.7.4 Has Concluded”
  • @Diablo tweeted: “Hunt while you still can. Diablo III Season 26 ends on August 21”
  • FilthieRich (Community Manager) posed on the Diablo Forums the date and time Season 26 will close
  • Kotaku posted an article titled: “Diablo Immortal Player Says He Can’t Get A Match After Spending $100,000 [Update]”
  • EUROGAMER posted an article titled: “Diablo Immortal player spends $100k on game, now can’t find anyone suitable to matchmake with UPDATE: Blizzard responds”.
  • jtisallbusiness posted a video of himself playing in a Diablo Immortal battleground
  • Diablo Immortal posted an article titled: “Diablo Immortal Mini Update: Season Three Battle Pass Begins Soon”
  • @DiabloImmortal tweeted: “We’ve Reached 30 Million Installs!”
  • @DiabloImmortal tweeted “Season 3 has commenced. Embrace the might of an Aspect of Justice” There is a video that shows what that looks like for each class.
  • Lexyu posted a YouTube video titled: “Ray of Frost & Magic Missile Battlegrounds PvP Support Build – Diablo Immortal Wizard”
  • @lehmannthiago posted his fan art of the Diablo 2 Paladin

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