Potpourri – Episode 372

In this episode, I have a mix of things mostly from Activision Blizzard. Also talked about Conferences and COVID-19, Microsoft exclusivity rumors, good news from CODE-CWA, Activision Blizzard union busting (again), Call of Duty plagiarism accusation, Overwatch loot boxes, the WoW Auction House App, The Diablo Podcast, and more!

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Merriam-Webster definition of potpourri
  • Jess tweeted about GenCon Indy and COVID-19
  • Dr. Neuro (@Neurofourier) – an infectious disease guy – posted a thread about what to do if you tested positive for COVID-19 after GenCon.
  • @Twitch tweeted an update to its TwitchCon COVID-19 policy
  • Twitch updated their original post about TwitchCon and added in some COVID-19 protections
  • Xbox posted that it will be at GamesCom 2022 (in Germany)
  • Charlie INTEL posted an article titled: “Microsoft explain why Call of Duty will stay on PlayStation after Xbox exclusivity rumors”
  • The Verge posted an article titled: “Microsoft claims Sony pays for ‘blocking rights’ to keep games off Xbox Game Pass”
  • @CODE-CWA tweeted that they have cross over 3000 tech, game and digital works in @CWAUnion.
  • The Washington Post posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard is using ‘Diablo IV’ to argue against unions”
  • Polygon posted an article: “Call of Duty: Warzone’s fluffy dog skin removed after plagiarism accusation”
  • Polygon posted an article titled: “Blizzard will stop selling Overwatch loot boxes in August”
  • IGN posted an article titled: “Blizzard Reveals When Overwatch 2 Loot Boxes Will End”
  • Burning Crusade Classic is consolidating realms
  • The Auction House joins the WoW Companion App
  • Wowhead posted an article titled: “Scourge Invasion Event Wrath Classic Pre-Patch – Guide Highlight”
  • Bloomberg posted an article titled: “Blizzard, NetEase Scrap Warcraft Mobile Game After Financing Dispute”
  • The Record posted an article titled: “Judge orders Waterloo business to name customers who doxxed, threatened Bungie employees”
  • The Washington Post posted an article titled: “Since lawsuit, Riot Games’ once all-male leadership now over 20 percent women”
  • The Diablo Podcast released Episode 1 – Welcome Back
  • Diablo Immortal posted “Diablo Immortal Mini Update: Season Three Battle Pass Begins Soon”
  • @DiabloImmortal tweeted about features dungeons and bonus items
  • Eurogamer posted an article titled: “Blizzard battling Diablo 4 leaks”
  • @jasonschreier (reported for Bloomberg) tweeted about the “positive buzz” around Diablo IV alpha test.
  • Rhykker posted a YouTube video titled: “Two New Diablo Books Bring Clues – Diablo 4 Release Date Analysis”
  • Wowhead posted an article titled: “Class Overviews for Diablo IV – Barbarian, Druid, Sorceress, Rogue, Necromancer”

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