Yeah, Gonna Need Ya to Come In… – Episode 353

In this episode, I bring you up to date on the ongoing Activision Blizzard lawsuits. The company is pushing workers to return to the office while removing protections against COVID. I also pointed out the women Blizzard highlighted for Women’s History Month, talked about accessibility, and spent time going over the latest news regarding Diablo Immortal, Diablo IV, and Diablo III.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • The Washington Post posted an article titled: Microsoft says it will respect outcome of Activision Blizzard union drive”.
  • The Washington Post posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard officially settles federal sexual harassment suit for $18 million”
  • The Wall Street Journal posted an article titled: “U.S. Probes Meeting Between Activision CEO and Option Buyer”
  • The Washington Post posted an article titled: “The video game industry is back to in-person events, for better or worse”
  • IGN posted an article titled: “E3 2022 – Digital and Physical – Has Officially Been Canceled”
  • CNet posted an article titled: “Senators Urge FTC to Review Microsoft’s $68.7B Deal for Activision Blizzard”
  • Four U.S. Senators posted a press release titled: “Warren, Sanders, Whitehouse, Booker Urge FTC Chair Lina Khan to Carefully Scrutinize Proposed Microsoft-Activision Merger and Its Impact on Workers”
  • Kotaku posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard Removes Company Vaccine Mandate, “Effective Immediately”, [Update: Employees Plan Walkout]
  • @ABetterABK posted a short thread of tweets responding to Activision Blizzard’s “no longer mandating vaccination requirements in regards to the ongoing pandemic”
  • Microsoft added sign language support throughout in-game scenes in Forza Horizon 5
  • Kotaku posted a report titled: “Allegations Of Sexism, Bullying, And Burnout: Inside The Microsoft Studio Behind State of Decay 3”
  • Medium article posted by Brittney Hefner (Amazon Prime Gaming Partnerships PR) titled: “Blizzard Titles Join Prime Gaming’s April Offerings”.
  • Motherboard posted an article titled: “A Q&A With Workers Leading the Games Industry’s Unionization Movement”
  • E3 2021 Official Awards Show set for Tuesday, June 15, and will be virtual
  • @Blizzard_Ent account highlighted additional women in gaming at Blizzard.
  • Diablo III Season 25 will end on April 10
  • Diablo Immortal Pre-Order now available for iOS
  • Diablo Immortal post titled: “Transforming Yourself In Diablo Immortal” is about cosmetics.
  • Diablo IV Quarterly Update focuses on environments in Diablo IV (and includes videos)
  • Pure Diablo posted an article titled: “Breaking Down The March 2022 Diablo 4 Quarterly Update”
  • Community Manager PezRadar posted in the Diablo II: Resurrected Forum about a server-side update
  • Rhykker posted a YouTube video titled: “2022: Diablo 4 Quarterly Update 1 (D4 News, new gameplay zones)

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