Support Team – Episode 352

In this episode, I started with updates from Activision Blizzard lawsuits. After that, I went into some ongoing unionization efforts. A big part of this episode highlights ways to support people who are involved in making video games (or who play them). We could all use a support team! I also bring you up to date on some interesting Diablo content.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • posted an article titled: “Judge prepared to approve Activision Blizzard’s settlement with EEOC”
  • Stephen Totilo (covers games for Axios) tweeted some pieces of what the judge wrote
  • Polygon posted an article titled: “New suit against Activision Blizzard alleges ‘rampant sexism’ and ‘retaliation'”
  • Los Angeles Times posted an article titled: “Video game workers found their voices in the pandemic. Could unions be next?”
  • @ABetterABK tweeted a photo from GDC22 that focuses on @CODE_CWA’s booth
  • Activision Blizzard announced their new Level Up U program
  • Blizzard Entertainment posted a thread of tweets highlighting several women who work in gaming
  • Fanbyte posted an article titled: “ICYMI: Everything From Today’s Hogwarts Legacy State of Play” (which is about why Fanbyte will not be writing about the game).
  • The Verge posted an article (from 2021) titled: “Hogwarts Legacy developer leaves after controversy over reactionary YouTube videos”
  • @TaliesinEvitel posted a thread about why they won’t be playing the Harry Potter game
  • Axios posted an article titled: “A possible solution to video games’ romance problem”
  • World of Warcraft Version 9.2.5 PTR includes user interface and accessibility options
  • @PezRadar tweeted a brief description of what the Diablo IV Quarterly Update blog will feature
  • @PezRadar posted “Diablo II: Resurrected 2.4 & Ladder Update – March 24th” on the Diablo II Resurrected Forum
  • Pure Diablo posted an article titled: “Barbarian And Amazon: Improved Build Variety – Patch 2.4”
  • @Xitmus tweeted a piece of art (by Peter Lee) of what the Skovos Isles might have looked like in Diablo III
  • @Xitmus posted a YouTube video titled: “Frenzy Daggers Barbarian New 2.4 Meta – Diablo 2 Resurrected”
  • @Trixmegistus posted a clip where she “manifested a BER Rune”
  • Blizzplanet tweeted that Wowhead invited him to join as a Diablo Immortal contributor/writer to make guides.
  • @NickQuaglietta tweeted an open invitation to anyone who wants to join a friendly D3 community for Season 26 of Diablo III

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