The Fallout – Episode 318

In this longer than usual episode, I talked about what happened in between the previous episode and this one regarding the Activision/Blizzard lawsuit. In short, the rot goes deep. To me, it seems like this situation is breaking the community. I fear it will get worse.

If you are someone who will feel trauma if you listen to this episode – please skip it.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Mike Morhaime posted a Twitlonger titled: “My Thoughts” on July 23
  • Chris Metzen posted a screenshot of his response on July 23
  • WoW Challenges posted a statement on July 24
  • Warcraft Radio posted a statement titled: “To Our Community” on July 24
  • Realm Maintenance Podcast posted an episode regarding some changes on July 25
  • Athalus posted a thread directed at the board members of Activision Blizzard who are on Twitter on July 26
  • Taliesin & Evitel posted a YouTube video titled: “Blizzard’s Ultimate Shame … The Lawsuit, and Why Our Faves Are Problematic” on July 23.
  • All Things Azeroth tweeted support for the Activision Blizzard Walkout on July 27.
  • All Things Azeroth tweeted an announcement that the show was going on hiatus on July 27.
  • All Things Azeroth website posted an episode titled: “Discussing the Activision Blizzard Lawsuit” on July 27.
  • Warcraft Radio tweeted support for the Activision Blizzard Walkout on July 27.
  • The Instance posted an episode titled: “The Instance Supplemental: Scott and Jules” on July 27.
  • Chris Bratt tweeted a video of the 2010 Blizzcon Panel on July 23.
  • Anne Armstrong posted a TwitLonger titled: “Alex Afrasiabi did something unacceptable to me” on July 26.
  • Girls Gone WoW tweeted solidarity with the Activision Blizzard Walkout on July 27.
  • Morally Grey Podcast tweeted the end of their podcast on July 26.
  • Kotaku posted an article titled: “Over 1,000 Activision Blizzard Employees Sign Letter Condemning Company’s Responses to Allegations [Update: Now Over 2,000] on July 26.
  • Kotaku posted an article titled: “Former World of Warcraft Designer Apologizes For Disastrous 2010 Blizzcon Answer” on July 26.
  • Chris Metzen tweeted: “#ActiBlizzWalkout [blue heart emoji]” on July 28.
  • Mike Morhaime tweeted solidarity with the Blizzard Activision Walkout on July 28.
  • Wowhead posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard Employees Are Staging a Walkout Protest on Wednesday – #ActiBlizWalkout”. It includes what the people in the Walkout want.
  • Scavenger tweeted photos of the Orc statue where someone taped over the values on July 27.
  • Wowpedia tweeted a screenshot of hotfixes Blizzard was making on July 27.
  • IGN posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard Employees Stage Walkout [Update: Bobby Kotick & Employees Respond] on July 28.
  • Jason Schrier tweeted that Blizzard told employees they would get paid time off while participating in the walkout on July 27.
  • Axel tweeted about why the paid time off is a trap on July 28.
  • Activision Blizzard tweeted a brief statement by Bobby Kotick, and a link to the full statement on July 27.
  • Kotaku posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard Hires Union-Busting Firm As Workers Start to Come Together” on July 29.
  • ABetterABK Twitter account has appeared.
  • IGN posted an article titled: “Fury, Worry, and Walkouts: Inside Activision Blizzard’s Week of Reckoning” on July 30.
  • World of Warcraft tweeted a message from the World of Warcraft Team on July 27.
  • Kotaku posted an article titled: “Inside Blizzard Developers’ Infamous Bill ‘Cosby Suite’ on July 28.
  • R3Z posted the photo from the Kotaku article and named each man it in, plus where they currently work.
  • Josh Mosqueira posted “Blizzcon 2013: The Cosby Suite” on Medium on July 28.
  • Chrissy tweeted about McCree in Overwatch named after a guy who was in the ‘Cosby Suite’ on July 29.
  • Brandy Camel posted “My Experiences at Blizzard Entertainment” on July 28.
  • Wowhead tweeted an image that shows Activision Blizzard stock falling off a cliff on July 28.
  • Scott Johnson posted a piece of art titled “No Way Home” on July 28.
  • Wolfcryer tweeted how much was raised for Save the Children (Level With A Cause) in Season 24 on July 27.
  • MoskiBarks tweeted a comic with Heroes of the Storm characters on July 28.

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