Infernal Horoscope – Episode 307

In this episode, I very quickly talked about my week in gaming both in Diablo III and in the Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha. After that, I pointed out the wonderful things that the Diablo Twitter account has been posting, and some things from Blizzard and the Diablo community.

Things I mentioned in this episode:

  • @Diablo tweeted an Infernal Horoscope thread.
  • @Diablo posted a tweet in which it asked people to find hidden Treasure Goblins.
  • @Diablo tweeted some posters with signs your child is worshiping the Dark Lord.
  • @Diablo tweeted some useful tips from the Lord of Hatred to “help” players.
  • Westmarch Workshop posted episode 209 on BlizzPro Twitch.
  • Hearthstone to Hell posted episode 24.
  • Carbot posted a Episode 21 of their DiabLOL II series on YouTube.
  • Heather Nielsen posted a Twitch clip focusing on the relationship drama in Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha.
  • Maxroll posted an article titled: “Damage Multipliers and Thorns Explained” – written by ChewingNom.
  • Pure Diablo has several articles featuring close-ups of Diablo II Resurrected Monsters.
  • Blizzard has Pride T-Shirts and a Hoodie with the Blizzard logo in rainbow colors.
  • @Phaerixia tweeted a short thread about the Blizzard Pride collection being employee-driven.

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