Immortal Soon – Episode 306

In this episode, I talk about my week in gaming (both in Diablo III and the Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha). After that, I point you toward Diablo Immortal news, and plenty of content from the Diablo Community.

Things I talked about in this episode:

  • Diablo Immortal website says: “Coming soon to iPhone, iPad and Android”
  • Brandy Camel (Nevalistis) posted a thread about her thoughts about Diablo Immortal.
  • @DiabloImmortal tweeted about Mount Zavian and Frozen Tundra.
  • Rod Fergusson tweeted about the first ever Immortal outside of the development team.
  • Hearthstone to Hell released episode 23.
  • BlizzPlanet posted an article titled: “Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha Coming to South Korea and Japan.”
  • @QelricDK posted art of “Lilith with flesh cape”.
  • Pure Diablo posted an article titled: “Diablo 4 will ‘advance the art of the action-RPG genre,’ says Blizzard”
  • @Diablo tweeted a video about Challenge Rift 202. It is a Witch Doctor Rift.
  • IGN posted an article titled: “How Diablo 2 Is Changing on Its Path to Resurrection… While Staying True to Its Roots”
  • PCGames posted an article titled: “Diablo character sparks a trademark fight between Blizzard and Fox”.
  • Blizzard warns about Overlay Compatibilities.
  • World of Warcraft posted on the Burning Crusade Classic Forum about why you should stop multi-boxing.

Where to find Jen’s Diablo content creation:

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