Diablo III Anniversary – Episode 308

In this episode, I skipped the “my week in gaming” section in favor of briefly talking about what it was like to get a COVID-19 vaccine. I got my first shot the day before recording this episode, and I’m doing well. I also talked about the Diablo III Anniversary, a little bit about Diablo Immortal, NIVIDIA, and much more.

Things I mentioned in this episode:

  • @Diablo tweeted about the 9th Anniversary of Diablo III.
  • @Diablo asked to see people’s fan art of “the demon of Hell you hold most dear.”
  • @Diablo posted a short video about Challenge Rift 204 – a Demon Hunter Rift.
  • @DiabloImmortal tweeted a short video about the Glacial Colossus.
  • Pure Diablo posted an article titled: “Diablo 2 And How It’s Different From Other ARPGS”.
  • Pure Diablo posted an article titled: “A Closer Look At Diablo 2 Resurrected Monsters – Part 3.”
  • Lord Fluffy posted New Meta Podcast Episode 147 “Quarterly Blizzard Investor Call”.
  • Maxroll posted an article about “Cosmetics: Pets, Wings and Transmogs” by Facefoot.
  • NVIDIA made changes to make their cards less useful for cryptocurrency miners.
  • Twitch tweeted about adding 350+ New Tags to celebrate yourself and your community.
  • Twitch posted a blog titled: “Celebrate Yourself and Your Community with 350+ New Tags”
  • Blizzard posted a monthly spotlight about what to do if you are being harassed in-game.
  • @Warcraft tweeted: “Are you Prepared? The Dark Portal reopens June 1st #WoWClassic #BurningCrusade
  • Blizzard posted a blog post titled: “Return to Outland on June 1 In Burning Crusade Classic”

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