Episode 187 – We Got Questions, You Got Answers

In this episode, Deadgreed and Jen return to talk about Diablo, Classic WoW, and an incredibly detailed cowboy/outlaw game (that is not made by Blizzard). They also share the questions that you need to answer in order to enter the BlizzCon 2018 Goodie Bag Raffle.

In this episode:

* Veteran’s Day – Thank you to all who served!

* Diablo Immortal

* Deadgreed reveals the questions that you need to answer correctly in order to enter the BlizzCon 2018 Goodie Bag Raffle. There are 6 questions, and you must get five of them right. Send your answers to: show@shatteredsoulstone.com (One entry per person, please). The winner will be announced at a later date.

* The answers to most of the questions can be found in episodes of Jen’s Lore Corner.

* Jen participated in the Westmarch Workshop Community Roundtable with several other members of the Diablo community to talk about Diablo Immortal, BlizzCon 2018, and much more.

* In case you missed it: #Diablout was a peaceful, online protest intended to show Blizzard that people are not happy about Diablo Immortal.

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