Episode 188 – Season 16 Preview and We Liiiiike It!

In this episode, Deadgreed and Manlow share what they’ve been up to in Diablo III. They also are very excited about the Season 16 preview that is in the PTR.

If you would like to see them goof off while recording the show, you can find the episode here on YouTube!

In this episode:

* They discussed their experience in the Season 16 PTR. Deadgreed noticed some weirdness when he started playing it. Both Deadgread and Manlow like what they saw in the PTR and hope most of it stays that way when it goes live in the upcoming Season 16.

* They bring up an email from Doug (from a while ago). It turns out that Doug predicted something that appeared in the Season 16 PTR.

* Deadgreed brings up that Nevalistis was on Rhykker’s “Live from #BlizzCon” stream while he played Diablo Immortal. Somewhere in that stream, she mentioned there would be something good for Season 16.

* This leads to Manlow and Deadgreed talking about Season of Grandeur. They point out all the details you need to know. It focuses on the Ring of Royal Grandeur.

* Guaranteed Primal Legendary! Manlow explains how to get one in Season 16.

* We got a Goodie Bag! The way to win the Goodie Bag is to correctly answer the questions that Manlow and Deadgreed read on the show. Send your answers to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com. One winner will be randomly selected sometime later.

* The answers to (most) of the questions can be found in episodes of Jen’s Lore Corner.

* In other media: Manlow shares what he’s been playing on console, and the games he wants to start playing again. Deadgreed shares memories about him and his Grandpa (who passed away recently). And then he talks about TV shows.

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