Jen’s Lore Corner: Rondal and Marta – Episode 008

Welcome to Jen’s Lore Corner, a podcast about the lore of the Diablo video game series. This podcast started as a segment on the Shattered Soulstone podcast. I decided to re-release those segments in their own podcast, with new episodes to follow.

In this episode, I talk about two NPC’s (non-player characters) who are in Bastion’s Keep. Rondal and Marta are a couple, and have been through a lot together. Their story weaves itself around what we already know about the history of Sanctuary.

Shortly before I started recording this episode, I played through the part of Diablo III where the player can listen in on what Rondal and Marta say to each other. To get their full story, you need to play in story mode, and make repeated returns to Bastion’s Keep.

Or, you can “stay a while and listen” to this episode.

As I went though that part of the game, I took notes and screenshots in order to make sure I remembered all the details. All of that got put into a blog post about Rondal and Marta.

The blog post has several screenshots and involving Rondal and Marta. I also wrote out all of their dialogue.

There is an item in Diablo III called Rondal’s Locket. It is a Legendary amulet. I did not mention it in this episode of Jen’s Lore Corner because I didn’t find the amulet until after this episode was recorded. (The blog post has a screenshot of it.)

The flavor text on Rondal’s Locket says: “To Rondal – When you carry this, you carry my heart. Love always, Marta.

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