Episode 177 – Will the Real Episode 177 Please Stand Up!

Show notes originally posted by Vespertilio

Deadgreed is on his own in this episode of the Shattered Soulstone. Not a very exciting week for Greed but he takes the bad with the good and keeps on doing his thing. Not much Diablo gameplay this week but the news is still coming. Greed speculates on what the new Diablo projects will be and when they might be announced.

In this episode:

* Greed tells us how his last week has been.

* Not a lot of Diablo gameplay but find out what Greed has been playing on his down time.

* Speculation on what there might be in store for at Blizzcon and the unannounced Diablo projects.

* Discord commotion and more!

* Special shout out to Magnum#1718 for another amazing email! Thank you Doug!

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