Episode 176 – If Manlow Changed the Numbers Correctly

In this episode, Deadgreed and Manlow start the hype train and discuss the news about multiple Diablo projects. They also review what they’ve been up to in gaming this week, the BlizzCon virtual ticket, and more.

In this episode:

* They discuss the video made featuring Nevalistis. In the video, she talks about Season of Greed, Diablo’s first themed season. She also announced that there are “multiple Diablo projects” in the works. What might these projects be?

* Manlow has been playing Destiny 2, and No Man’s Sky, and a little bit of Diablo III.

* Deadgreed has also been playing a lot of No Man’s Sky. He also played some Diablo, and tried the Challenge Rift.

* Deadgreed reminds listeners that there is a BlizzCon contest that people can participate in.

* Blizzard added a third chance at BlizzCon tickets. Hopefully, if you wanted to get tickets, you were successful this time!

* Manlow and Deadgreed talk about the BlizzCon virtual ticket, their plans involving it, and the pros and cons about the virtual ticket.

* Question of the Show: What are your predictions about the “multiple projects” that Nevalistis mentioned?

* Deadgreed invites you to catch him streaming on Twitch.

* GamesCom is coming up!

* In other media: Deadgreed watched “a serial killer thing” that he doesn’t recommend. He’s been playing No Man’s Sky, and watched Jen stream her Hardcore Barbarian on Twitch.

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