Episode 128 – Diablo is Love, Diablo is Life

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

Blizzcon is rapidly approaching with a surprise or two awaiting Diablo fans. There’s also a surprise awaiting our listeners, but you’ll have to listen to discover what that surprise is.

In this episode:

  • Our guest host discusses what (s)he has been up to in Diablo 3 with the end of season 7 and the beginning of season 8.
  • Blizzcon is almost here and (some) Diablo fans are in a fervor expecting the moon with Diablo-related announcements at the convention. Will there be another expansion? Will Diablo IV be announced? Will we be let down again? A healthy discussion of keeping our expectations measured ensues as well as what could possibly be announced at Blizzcon.
  • Our Question of the Show for upcoming episode 129 is: Did Blizzcon 2016 satisfy your expectations? Send your answer via twitter (@ShatteredStone) or in an email to show@shatteredsoulstone.com.
  • We read and responded to tweets from: @Rilandune and @nevikjames. Thanks, guys!
  • We received an email from Age sharing a few answers for Jen, their sentiments on set dungeons, and that they have been going back through our back catalog of shows! Thank you for dedication!

Got something to say? Send a tweet to @ShatteredStone and we will read it off on the next episode.

Links for you to Visit:

  • Blizzcon 2016! It’s Happening! Be sure to check out the official Blizzcon site for the show schedule and floor map.
  • Regardless if you have a Blizzcon ticket or not and happen to be relatively local to Anaheim, California you CAN attend the Blizzard 25th Anniversary and Diablo 20th Anniversary party happening Friday November 4th from 8pm PDT – 10pm PDT in the Grand Plaza directly outside of the Anaheim Convention Center!
  • Another Developer Chronicles was published on the official Diablo site this time focusing on the design thoughts regarding Greater Rifts.

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