Episode 127 – Not Dead Yet

I’m all by myself again for this episode. This time, I do a wrap up of my experiences in Season 7 and share what I will be playing in Season 8. I also touch on the common complaint that “Diablo III is dead”.

In this episode:

* Somewhere in my review of what I was up to at the very end of Season 7, I mention a ring that had wrath. What I meant to say was that it had Haunt.

* There is a small part of this episode where the audio failed. It happened during the news portion, and everything I talked about is linked in these show notes. Hopefully, that will fill in whatever was missed.

* The new question of the show is: How many stash tabs do you have? Send your answer in an email to show@shatteredsoulstone.com.

* I read and responded to tweets from: @LeviathanD3 and @Walkman8. Thanks, guys!

Got something to say? Send a tweet to @ShatteredStone and we will read it off in the next episode.

* RumClub sent another fantastic email with lots of interesting ideas to consider. Those of you who (like me) are loot deviant hoarders will especially love one of the ideas RumClub came up with.

Links for you to Visit:

* Wyatt Cheng talks about changes to Eras in a post aptly named Developer Chronicles Eras.

* Nevalistis posted information about Season 7 Ending Soon. But the time you read these show notes, Season 7 will have already ended. The post Nevalistis wrote answers commonly asked questions for players who have never experienced the end of a Season before.

* Blizzard held an Early Access Sale of loot that you can pick up at BlizzCon this year. Diablo III players might like the Diablo Mounted Bottle Opener.

* Tyvalir put together a First Look – Season 8 Journey post with details about what’s new for Season 8.

* The @Diablo Twitter posted a fun tweet about a “Bottomless Potion of Pumpkin Spice”

* Tyrael responded to it on his @AspectofWisdom Twitter:

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