Episode 113 – Keep On Truckin’

In this episode, Breja, Jen, and Lanntonio are joined by special guest Medros from Dawnforge Productions. You might know Medros as the host of All Things Azeroth. Medros has been playing a Demon Hunter… well, sort of?

In this episode:

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Here is the screenshot sent in by @Aahzmadius:
Aahsmadius screenshot

Here is the screenshot sent in by @Thealienationer:
The alienationer screenshot

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Links for you to Visit:

* We discuss a forum post titled “I Really Do Not Enjoy Taeguk”. Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng responded to the original poster, and then, later, responded again in regards to comments made by others who posted on the same forum.

* Rhykker posted a video called “5 Easy Ways to Improve Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls”

In the video, he mentions an idea created by Monstrous that Rhykker refers to as “Monstrous’ Armor Rack”:

* MeatHead Mikhail posted a video called “Completed Season 5 Journey Tips”

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