Episode 108 – Just Jen

The only Soulstoner who was available to do this episode was me – Jen. I’m fairly certain that everyone else has already done a solo show, so it seems only fair that it was my turn to do one. The show must go on! I added a Lore Corner at the end of this episode.

In this episode:

* We received Tweets from @Kherova, @josukeshair, @CkRtech, @HomeTownHero008, @Walkman8, @eG_acefisher1, @Kageri_Leblue, @Queenofhaiku, and @nevikjames.

Send us a tweet @ShatteredStone and we will read and respond to it in our next episode.

Our question for episode 109 is: How long did it take you to get through the Season Journey?”

We did not receive any email for this episode. If you would like to send us an email about what you have been up to in game, or with Diablo related questions, please do! Send it to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com!

Links for you to Visit:

* Season 5 Now Live
Scroll through the comment section and you will see the additional (and helpful) comments from Nevalistis that I read off in this episode.

* Issue Impacting Achievement Display
Kauza lets us know that they are aware of the issue with the Achievement Toasts not popping up.
Mmmm… Achievement Toast! Part of a healthy breakfast!

* Console Hotfixes – Updated 1/20
Nevalistis reviews the hotfixes that were deployed to the Ultimate Evil Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

* Leviathan from Westmarch Workshop created a helpful video called “How to Get Your Six-Piece Through Haedrig’s Gift”:

* Kierpanda reminded us about her Horadric Hamburger recipe that is on her Eat Game Live blog. Enjoy the Yummies Per Second and Nom Nom Noms per second.

One thought on “Episode 108 – Just Jen

  1. Hello to all you SoulStoners. Jen – great job on the last episode, well done! And I love the lore corners, please keep them coming. The last one was very well done, I had always breezed past the Mayor’s dialog, but now I’m giving it another look. Jen – I also like your hyper nonsense podcast, I just wish you and Sean did them more often. I liked the 30 podcasts in 30 days thing also, bravo.

    I really like all of the Diablo podcasts, Flux, Nineball, etc., and I think you guys really fill a needed niche in the community. I like your non-technical, non confusing approach. Thanks for still hanging in with the podcasts, even if it’s just one of you.

    If I had one wish it would be that you did more podcasts, like once a week would be perfect. But I know real life is more important and I thank you fine folks for all your hard work on the podcasts. If I could leave a review on I tunes I would, but they demand a credit card in order to make an account.

    Anyway, thanks again.

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