Episode 107 – Goblin Giggles

After an unanticipated holiday hiatus, we are back with episode 107, the first episode of 2016. Breja has been super busy with work, but still found time to play some Diablo III on console. Jen has also been super busy with work, but somehow managed to build a small army and do some ghost hunting during season 4. They are both looking forward to Season 5.

In this episode:

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Jens Army
Jen’s Army consisted of: Barbarian, 3 Ancients, invincible Templar, Treasure Goblin, 4 Fallen Lunatics, and a Frost Hound.

Links for you to Visit:

* Patch 2.4.0. Preview: Greyhollow Island has details about to expect from this creepy new area.

* First Look – Season 5 has good information about the new stuff that will be coming to Season 5, including an awesome image of what all the sets from Haedrig’s Gift look like.

* The @Diablo Twitter account tweeted about Haedrig’s Gift:

* The Patch 2.4.0 notes have tons of details, including new features and all changes that have been made.

* Nevalistis did a fantastic job narrating the “What’s New in Patch 2.4.0?” video!

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