Episode 88 – Can I 2.3?

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In our 88th episode, our odd couple of Nevik and Breja are back following the announcement of the Patch 2.3 being deployed to the PTR Soon™. After containing our excitement we get down to business and talk about what we’ve been up to: Nevik finally ran into the hand-talker in-game, and Breja his poisonous pursuit of puke doctoring.

In this episode:

* We read and respond to a bunch of emails from Sajjad, Saldarya, Master Do, Cybrwolf, and frequent contributor Funktropus. As if that wasn’t enough we also received another audio from Kagerai Leblue. Listener participation has been absolutely amazing and is primarily why we do this show, so keep them coming! We WILL get to all the emails we receive, even if occasionally we have to push a few to the next episode. Send in your stories of RNGesus triumph to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com!

* We received a more moderate amount of tweets from @CruentusRelic, @Kherova, @TheWMWorkshop, @EYedgar0111, @WrimRimbaug, @PaidtoKill5440, @Walkman8, @HomeTownHero008, @Kagerai_Leblue, @pergosmaster, @guerilla_law, @Rilandune, and @grindexp. Thank you for your tweets. Don’t forget that you, too, can send in your thoughts via social media outlets such as FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter.

* Prior to the Patch 2.3 PTR Preview we posed the question on Twitter asking when you thought the PTR would appear. Be sure to follow the show account, @ShatteredStone, on Twitter for future Questions of the Show.

* Just a week ago the Diablo news was an arid landscape. Then the skies grew dark and a torrential downpour of MEGATON news flooded our hearts and minds. Finally the hype train is back with the preview of what is to come in Patch 2.3. With so many different facets to the long-awaited patch it is going to take some time to digest everything. So much to wrap our heads around. Are YOU excited? We are!

* WE NEED YOUR HELP! Your participation can ensure that this fun segment makes an appearance every show. Send your Official Forum Thread Masterpiece Theater audio segments (or humorous forum threads) to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com.

Links for you to Visit:

* Diablo cosplayers continue to impress us with Kyos-girl’s Caldeum Nobility costume. You can find more of her work on her DeviantArt page.

* Arguably overshadowed by the PTR preview there was more news that slipped out from the Diablo team: Grimiku posted a new round of FRESH MEAT n’ GREETS (Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Witch Doctor, Wizard), Drothvader’s “Wrath of the Thundergod” Crusader build was featured for Play Your Way Thursday, and the VOD for the Play Your Way Thursday Round 8 Livestream was made available.

* Ready to pucker your But Whole? If not, maybe you shouldn’t watch this HC 3 player clear of GR65 good enough for world #1.

* Kanai’s Cube promises to shake things up quite a bit and Flux over at Diabloii.net has some thoughts on just a few of the possibilities that this amazing cube (honoring fallen Blizzard artist Kevin K Griffith) has.

* Hell hath frozen over … sorta. Kierpanda is back at it with another Diablo-themed recipe with her Burning Hells Popsicles found at EatGameLive.com.

Other Entertainment/Games:

* In other Blizzard game news, Patch 6.2 Fury of Hellfire launched last week for World of Warcraft. It hits a bunch of nostalgia notes while remaining fresh … and promises the return of flight Soon™.

* Greatest cartoon EVER? HECK YA. Greatest TV show EVER? Maybe. If you have never experienced Avatar: The Last Airbender you owe it to yourself to binge on it.


* While Square managed to blunder their early access to the first Final Fantasy XIV expansion Heavensward, Nevik persevered and sunk more time in to it than anything else since the last episode. If you’re a fan of the Final Fantasy series and don’t mind MMO trappings, XIV might be worth your time investment.

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  1. shattered soulstone episode 89…


    not that there is tons of new stuff going on,
    but who’s in the beta?

    pins and needles!

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