Round Table – Reaper of Souls Patch 2.0.4

Originally posted by Nevik

Has your soul been reaped? Are you enjoying the expansion? Well Patch 2.0.4 brought a number of balance changes and we decided to find out how a segment of our audience is enjoying the expansion so far.

Joining us for this round table was  Cyberwolf (@Cybrwolf0), Jaime (@JCMonkeyD3), Kagerai LeBlue (@Kagerai_LeBlue), Scanline (@scanline75), Zakhad (@voranek), and all so very briefly, our very own Lanntonio (@Lanntonio).

If you couldn’t make it to our RoS/Patch 2.0.4 community round table fret not, there will be more round tables in the future. You can count on another round table happening shortly after Reaper of Soul launches. So go download Mumble to join in on the fun with us.

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