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As mentioned on episode 61, the winner of the Shattered Soulstone T-Shirt will be in the hands of our beloved community. (Psssst, that means YOU!) Below you will see all of the stories submitted for our 100 Word Story Contest. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite* at the bottom by 11:59pm PDT on May 1st, 2014! The winner of the t-shirt will be announced on episode 63!

* Winners from the contest have been excluded from the community vote.

Winner of our hearts, @CkRtech

Blood. It was all over her. She was drenched from head to toe.

A wizard rarely gets her hands dirty. Spells don’t exactly need close proximity in order to be effective, but this was different. This was personal.

Her two remaining companions were at a loss for words. The barbarian just stood there and looked at what little remained of the deceased. The demon hunter silently adjusted her quiver and kept to herself as usual. The air was tense.

The wizard slowly turned toward the two of them. “I’d had enough of his puking,” she explained. “The doctor is out.”

Runner-Up: “Negative Nancy” by @Rilandune

Though the spawns of Hell beat constantly against the gates of Tristram, The Slaughtered Calf Inn is always a warm hearth to sit before and enjoy a drink.

She walks in and lays down her crossbows. Weary from the days work of demon slaying she puts her coin down upon the bar.

The moaning of a despondent Sorceress rises above the din, ruining the taste of the ale in her cup.

“Lady Wizard, what is your name?” she calls out, not looking at the spell caster.

“Nancy. Why do you ask?”

She snickers at the name. “Why so negative, Nancy?”

Runner-Up: @JCMonkeyD3

The wind was howling, and the air was foul with the stench of the undead. These creatures have been attacking the town more often these days. The last of the farmers and merchants are getting restless. After the death of our good friend captain rumford, the townsfolk started losing faith. I do not believe that I can keep their faith alive when we keep losing men every day. The undead just keep coming, and i’m not sure where they are coming from. Can we really make it out of this alive? Are we destined to all perish? Heavens help us.

Entry from Wulfman

“It is done,” he said as he sheathed his knife. “Diablo is dead.”  His dogs howled victoriously.  They headed back to New Tristram.   “This realm is safe again, after a year of Diablo’s tyranny!  I shall return home.”

A beam of light descended from Heaven, and Tyrael appeared before him. “Your quest resumes. A new threat appears on the banks-” “Thanks?  You’re welcome!” he interrupted.  His most outspoken dog growled, “No, he said, ‘A new-‘”  His dogs exploded in a sea of gore.

Tyrael wiped his eyes just in time to see him fade in a flash of blue light.

“Thoughts on Diablo 3” by @Foqbupog

Like many others, I started out with Diablo II, and even checked out its predecessor. The only times I didn’t enjoy the game were after long periods of game play, or when I focused on what others were saying about it. The storyline isn’t really that amazing, and the sound of Leah’s whining annoyed me at times. Playing on Nightmare and above felt like the Dark Tower storyline, that you’re playing through the same adventure—but differently. Instead of starting out looking like a homeless person; you came off as someone who had been on this journey for several lifetimes.

“Witch Doctor’s Journey” by @BurghCrow78

After dealing with Diablo, I realized the spirits were not done with me. After talking with Tyrael about the soulstone and how to hide it. We parted ways as friends, but my path was unclear.

I communicated with the spirits as they told me she was still among the living. I decided to search every area of Sanctuary for her. As I searched there still seemed to be many minions of hell stronger than before.

As I fought them, I seem to grow in strength and wisdom. The spirits whisper to me, press on, she is still out there, Leah.

Entry from @Manlow

Upon entering the dilapidated temple, I am struck with the overpowering stench of decay. As I approach the dais, I see the remains of what must have once been a demon staked, spread eagle, on top of it.  Between each limb are runes, unknown to me and above the head is written: “A sacrifice to summon one of glorious power”.  I wonder what had been summoned when I hear the deep rumble of what is unmistakably a laugh.  I glance up to see a demon lord who says simply, “We’ve been expecting you” as he drops on top of me.

“Hatred’s Fire” by Dragon User 5

Her eyes aglow with vengeance, she ignored the icy winds of Arreat as she advanced on the demons pouring from the mouth of the cave.  Hatred of the demon spawns burned as she closed, dropping them as the charged.  The earth shook as the demons erupted from the ground around her.  With lethal precision, she removed each threat, then pressed forward. Kylleera was vengeance incarnate tempered only from discipline gained from long years of training.

Every demon slain, stoked the fire of her hatred.  Luckily for her, there was no shortage of demons to fuel the flames of her hatred.

Entry from Brent

The surrounding area of Caldeum was rife with danger, but also rife with low-low realty opportunities. Karim’s head turned as a sharp creaking sound; old wood and rusted metal came from the direction of the shop’s ancient door. A wizard entered the shop, his almond shaped eyes surveyed the stacked pots. “Welcome to Karim’s Kontainers my friend!” the wizard seemed to give no notice of the humble shopkeeper and called forth a swirling aura of frost. The magic tumult shattered every pot he neared. “Please my friend! My pots! My pots!” was all Karim could mutter before the wizard left.

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