Diablo Gaming Night #5

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

Did you know that we held our fifth gaming night on Friday August 3rd? No? It seems not many did, but no need to worry, the night was recorded and is now available for your ears to consume.

This time we decided to try something different and get HARDCORE. That’s right, we played hardcore characters from level 1 with the added stipulation that only normal gear could be equipped. Sounds insane right? Well there was a reason for the madness as the last standing hardcore character would be crowned the victor and win a handsome prize!

We will surely run with this rule set for a future gaming night, but possibly with a few more caveats to make sure we all die in a more timely manner and make things even more interesting. Oh, and did we mention that Tinokk streamed the night on Twitch.tv and you can watch the replay here?

Speaking of future gaming nights, we have already determined when our sixth gaming night will occur. Gaming Night #6 will happen Friday August 17th at approximately 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern (or Saturday at noon for our Eastern Australian friends). Gaming Night #6 will also be a retro gaming night as we will be venturing once more in Diablo 2.

Don’t have Diablo 2? No need to worry, you’re still more than welcome to join us on Mumble while playing Diablo 3, or anything else. We love to have fun with our listeners so don’t be shy!

Until then sit back, crack open a cold beverage and enjoy our HARDCORE gaming night challenge!

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