Episode 40 – Birthday in the Buff

Show notes originally posted by Nevik


In this episode, we celebrate Diablo 3 leveling up IRL and then we get down to business by discussing what we’ve been up to in-game: Breja returns to his altoholic ways,  Lanntonio mucked around with his hardcore monk, Nevik attained a few more paragon levels, and Jen CLEARED NORMAL with her launch night demon hunter, Thirtyseven.

In this episode:

* We did NOT receive a mountain of emails like we normally do from you, our wonderful listeners. We were genuinely shocked at this given what happened when patch 1.0.8 went live. Nevertheless we LOVE hearing from you with your emails! Keep them coming, really!

* We received tweets from @scanline75, @HomeTownHero008, @Torrack1714, @eG_acefisher1, @Smokimus, @shawno, @Healzonwheelz, @Rilandune, and our very own @QueenofHaiku! Thank you for your tweets. Don’t forget that you, too, can send in your thoughts via social media outlets such as FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter.

* With Diablo 3 turning a year old we decided to take a look back at the past 12 months. From controversies to triumphs we covered most of it thanks to the immensely handy article, Diablo 3: A Look Back, over at DiabloFans.com. Also be sure to check out Blizzard’s official blog post, The Road So Far.

* Assuredly you will notice that we have a NEW INTRO! Thank you to @JCMonkeyD3 for providing us with our new intro. We LURVES it!

Links for you to Visit:

* We referenced interviews that Archon the Wizard conducted with Travis Day and Wyatt Cheng during his 36 hour gaming marathon. It’s three hours long so strap in. However, if you’d like the juicy tidbits from these interviews Flux from Diablo.IncGamers.com penned them down for all of us: Travis Day Interview Highlights, and Wyatt Cheng Interview Highlights.

* If you’re anxiously awaiting the Playstation 3 version of Diablo 3 Sony recently sat down with Production Director John Hight as well as a few other key members from the console team.

* Tatasinke is back with another edition of his Paper.li newspaper, the New Tristram News. Check it out and subscribe!

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Upcoming Diablo 3 Anniversary Event

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

Have you looked at the calendar recently? Can you believe that we’re now in the month of May? Crazy, right? And you know what that means … we’re coming up on the anniversary of Diablo III’s launch back on May 15th, 2012. Certainly we cannot let the anniversary come and go without doing something, right? RIGHT.

We will be celebrating Diablo III’s launch anniversary with a very special gaming night. How special you may ask, well, let’s just say that everyone will be slaying demons in their birthday suits.

That’s right. We will be playing brand spanking new randomly chosen hardcore characters with nothing equipped except for the weapons we find from the demons we slay as we go. Oh, and did we mention that we will be running these games on Monster Power Level 10?

So, how do you, the listener, participate?

As with our gaming nights we will be holding our Diablo III Launch Anniversary event on Mumble, so make sure you have Mumble installed on your computer and go through the audio setup wizard if you haven’t already done so. (The wizard is pretty easy to follow and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to complete). Then look to the sidebar to the right to find the details for the Mumble server we maintain for our listeners.

So when will we be holding this anniversary event?

Wednesday, May 15th at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern

Make sure you clear your calendars on Wednesday, May 15th at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern. More than likely we won’t start EXACTLY at this time as some “pre-show” will definitely occur to loosen everyone up.

Hope to “see” you there!

Dead and Waiting #1

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

An idea has been brewing inside of Lanntonio’s head which after weeks and weeks of sweat and toil has finally come to fruition. Thus Dead and Waiting was born to follow the (mis)adventures of four brave souls – Lanntonio, Jamie (JCMonkey), Jesse (Saintly Demon), and Chris (CkRtech) – entering the hardcore world for the first time. What could possibly go wrong?

This first episode of Dead and Waiting has the crew (nervously) plowing through Act I Normal on Monster Power 10. How far did they go? Did anyone die? Did any legendaries drop?

You’ll just have to listen to find out!

If you would like to join in on the fun – and we hope you do! – Lanntonio is running these hardcore gaming nights generally every Tuesday night around 6pm Pacific / 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern. All you need to do to join in is have Mumble installed and setup and hop on our mumble server (details can be found in the sidebar).

Just to avoid any confusion, Jamie (aka JCMonkey) originally suggested that these hardcore game nights be titled Dead and Waiting, not Death and Waiting as was mentioned in episode 35. Dead and Waiting makes a lot more sense, so send your ire in the direction of Lanntonio for misrepresenting the name of this series. He won’t mind, really!

Diablo Gaming Night #5

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

Did you know that we held our fifth gaming night on Friday August 3rd? No? It seems not many did, but no need to worry, the night was recorded and is now available for your ears to consume.

This time we decided to try something different and get HARDCORE. That’s right, we played hardcore characters from level 1 with the added stipulation that only normal gear could be equipped. Sounds insane right? Well there was a reason for the madness as the last standing hardcore character would be crowned the victor and win a handsome prize!

We will surely run with this rule set for a future gaming night, but possibly with a few more caveats to make sure we all die in a more timely manner and make things even more interesting. Oh, and did we mention that Tinokk streamed the night on Twitch.tv and you can watch the replay here?

Speaking of future gaming nights, we have already determined when our sixth gaming night will occur. Gaming Night #6 will happen Friday August 17th at approximately 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern (or Saturday at noon for our Eastern Australian friends). Gaming Night #6 will also be a retro gaming night as we will be venturing once more in Diablo 2.

Don’t have Diablo 2? No need to worry, you’re still more than welcome to join us on Mumble while playing Diablo 3, or anything else. We love to have fun with our listeners so don’t be shy!

Until then sit back, crack open a cold beverage and enjoy our HARDCORE gaming night challenge!

Diablo Gaming Night #4 (Part 1)

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

It’s been well over a month since Diablo III went live world-wide and our good friend, fan and listener Tinokk pointed out that we had not held a gaming night since the open beta weekend. After the shock of that fact wore off it was time to convene once more for a gaming night, and convene we did.

Our 4th gaming night, held on Friday June 22nd (Saturday June 23rd for our Australians friends), ran so long that the audio needed to be split in to two parts. Why two parts? Well, you see, there’s only so much comedy gold our ears can stand and we didn’t want to desensitize you to fun. Are you not thankful?

Anyhoo, we all had a blast and we promise you we won’t go another month without arranging our 5th gaming night. This time we’ll attempt to give everyone a fair bit more notice to avoid the “last minute’sh” scheduling of this past gaming night. Even with the short notice we still had a fantastic turnout and nearly maxed out the Mumble server.

So sit back, crack open a beer or sip on some red, red wine and enjoy … like a balls.