Diablo III Haiku

This month I am taking part in a project called National 10-Haiku-Per-Day Month. This is the second year that it has existed.

In short, this is a collaborative haiku project where participants write ten haiku every day in the month of March. Some of those haiku get submitted to the project, and all of them get turned into a book sometime after the month is over. All of the money from sales of the book go to a charity called Room to Read.

I realize that not everyone is familiar with this form of poetry, so I will explain. A haiku is a poem that consists of three lines. The first line must have five syllables. The second line must have seven syllables. The third line must have five syllables. It looks as though it would be really simple to write a haiku, but, many find it to be deceptively difficult.

The theme for this year’s National-10-Haiku-Per-Day-Month is “Earth, Air, Fire, Water”. However, since I have been spending a lot of my free time playing the Diablo III beta, some of the haiku that I have been writing this month are influenced by the game. Most of them do not fit nicely into the theme for the project, so I have decided to share them here, with all of you who love Diablo III.

Zombies crawl from earth
I shoot them with my crossbow.
Demon Hunters rule!

Server shutting down?
Zombies pop out of the ground.
I am not done yet!

Skeleton army
Crawling out of their grave sites
Coming right for me

Burning to go play
More Diablo 3 beta
Must finish work first

Group game in D3
Caused my computer to freeze
Had to hard restart

The Skeleton King
Returns from his grave and fights
But… not for that long

Turned around to find
Cast of Army of Darkness
Marching down the stairs

That’s all for now. I’ve got half the month of March to go, so there is potential that I will end up writing more Diablo III haiku in the next couple of weeks. If you want to keep up with all the haiku that I am writing for the National-10-Haiku-Per-Day-Month, and more, follow me on Twitter @Queenofhaiku.

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