Episode 11 – Knaak and Cookies

Nevik, Breja, and Jen bring you a very Epic Episode Eleven!

This episode includes an interview with Richard A. Knaak, author of The Sin War Trilogy, Legacy of Blood, Kingdom of Shadow and Moon of the Spider, (and that’s just to name the books he has written that take place within the Diablo “universe”)! You can find out more about Richard A. Knaak, and all of his books, at Knaak’s Knoll.

As for the “cookies” part of the title… well, you’ll see.

Check out the A-List Collection.

Episode Topics

* We announce the winners of our Valentines for Diablo contest. We got some impressive and creative submissions sent to us by our listeners, which made this a difficult contest to judge. Thank you to everyone who entered! We appreciate everyone’s efforts.

* We read, and respond to, listener email from Kurly, Ametous, Steve, and Medros.

* We bring you an interview with Richard A. Knaak ! 😀

* We discuss news about the potential release date of Diablo III according to Amazon and a Dutch toy retailer. This, of course, leads the hosts of the show to make their own predictions about when D3 will be released. (Well… ok, most of the hosts did…)

* Diablo III will launch with no arena. No PVP in D3?

* Check out this really detailed video that compares Tristram from all three versions of Diablo. Rather amazing!

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