The Wait is Almost Over

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In case you were living under a rock (or just without access to the internet) yesterday some pretty monumental news was dropped on our collective heads. News so incredibly profound that many of us thought “is this real life?” Okay, maybe that’s stretching it a little bit, but needless to say I had to pick my jaw off the ground.

What in the bloody hell was announced yesterday? Tell me already!

Okay, prepare yourself. You might want to sit down and hold onto something, perhaps brace your jaw …


Still with me? I’ll give you a few moments to collect yourself; it took me a few moments to collect myself too. Shock can be a very, very tricky thing. Best not to rush it right? Right.

Alright. I’m good now, but I think you failed to ACTUALLY give us the EXACT day that we’ll all be losing our souls to the Lord(ess) of Terror.

Erp! You’re quite right. I should rectify that shouldn’t I now? The last thing I should do would be to artificially stretch this out any longer. That’d be quite mean of me now wouldn’t it.

… [blank stare] …

Ooops! Silly me, there I go again not telling you the infos you so desperately desire.

… *ahem* …

Riiiiiiight. I was just getting to that part. Ready? Oh, of course you are, I should just type it …. right …. noooooow ….

May 15th, 2012

Don’t worry, this is 100% official. This information wasn’t “leaked” by some over-zealous retailer. This came directly from Blizzard itself. So now that we finally have a release date we can all plan our excuses for calling in and/or planning time off to lose ourselves all over again (or for the first time in some cases!).

Annnnd for the record I just want to point out that while both Breja and I were not accurate at predicting the release date, I was closer with my prediction! Poor, poor Jen. She couldn’t even remember that there aren’t 32 days in the month of June!

… /facepalm …

Hey now, I’m a funny guy … right? Right? Okay, maybe this all has been funnier in my head. (Hi Aprillian! ^^;)

Anyhoo … what are YOU planning on doing? Going to attend a midnight release? Stay home so you can play at exactly 12:01am? Take time off? Send us an email and let us know what your plans are.

As for me, I now have a deadline for some cool stuff that I realllllly need to take care of so that certain really cool things can happen that night. What things? Well, that you’re just going to have to wait and see. No I’m not teasing to be silly this time. You really will have to wait.

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