Episode 121 – Not a Diablo Master

In this episode, Jen brings in a special guest who is a big part of the Shattered Soulstone podcast. Shawn is the editor of Shattered Soulstone who ensures that our podcast sounds good. We discuss the “behind the scenes” of podcasting and point out what happens between when the hosts hit the record button and you hit the play button.

We also reviewed what we have been up to in Diablo III. The two of us have been playing the game together until one of our characters died.

In this episode:

* We read tweets from @hpbotha and Lanntonio.

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* We didn’t get any emails this time. You can send your thoughts, questions, comments, and stories about what you have been up to in Diablo III to show@shatteredsoulstone.com. We will be happy to read it and share our thoughts about it in our next episode.

Links for you to Visit:

* Turret posted “Patch 2.4.2 PTR Patch Notes”. It is preliminary PTR patch notes. It isn’t the final version and some changes may still be made to it.

* Nevalistis posted “Patch 2.4.2 PTR Now Available”. This helpful post walks you through how to participate in the PTR and how to copy a character over to it.

* Nevalistis posted that “Play Your Way Returns June 23!” It will occur every other Thursday. Did you create a fun build that you want to show off? Submit it to “Play Your Way”.

* Nevalistis posted a Forum Post called “The Future of Firebird’s Finery”. In short, they aren’t done working on changes to it yet. You can add your thoughts about it to the PTR Feedback Forum.

* Nevalistis responds to a Forum Post titled “Location of Kahara (Fallen) Pennant?”. In short, the Diablo team is aware that the pennant is too rare and are intending to slightly increase its drop rate. Doing so requires a patch.

* PC Gamer posted an article called “Diablo 3 patch 2.4.2 will add new difficulty levels”. To quote the article “Torment gets tormentier, plus Demon Hunter gets big tweaks.”

* Jay Wilson tweeted that he is leaving Blizzard and the games industry.

Episode 68 – Fresh Seasons and Qiz

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

In this episode, we are again FOUR STRONG! After sipping on some of the rainbow-colored friendship brew we get down to business by discussing what we’ve been up to in-game: Jen is Gurr’ng all over the place, Nevik is monkeying around on the seasonal hardcore solo monk leaderboards (phew, that was a mouthful), and Lanntonio couldn’t take it anymore and hopped in to hardcore seasons with spotty internet!

In this episode:

* We read, and respond to, a mountain of emails we received from our wonderful listeners. This batch came to us from Rebur, Kageri Leblue, Simon, and an EXTRA SPECIAL one from Amy! We love to hear stories of triumph or tragedy from our listeners, so keep them coming, really!

* We received a mountain of tweets from @pergosmaster, @sadromeo, @Torrack1714, @Cybrwolf0, @arkbites1, @Hawgeye_CTR, @evilgaze, @EYedgar0111, @Torhammer6, @xBrokenxFirex, @Kherova, @ig_nateward, @Chaos5061, @JasonRMitchell, and @JeremyTStevens. Thank you for your tweets. Don’t forget that you, too, can send in your thoughts via social media outlets such as FacebookGoogle+, and Twitter.

* We posed the question on Twitter asking for your votes on the next class Jen should level to 70. Unfortunately we did not receive too many responses, but the victor was clear: puke doctor MONK**! Be sure to follow our show account, @ShatteredStone, on Twitter for future Questions of the Show.

** Okay, okay. It was actually the puke doctor ;_; but @JeremyTStevens did have an amazing vote.

* Patch 2.1 dropped in our laps immediately after episode 67 and we’ve already seen quite a few hotfixes that have changed the landscape of the game dramatically. Have you benefited from the drastically increased drop rates on horadic cache specific legendary items?

* Season 1 opened up a few days after the patch went live and we discuss our experiences and thoughts on the rampant exploitation of a few bounties skewing the competition for the Race to the Top conquest. Blizzard responded by disabling the problematic bounties, but the damage has already been done. Has the integrity of season 1 been forever tainted/compromised? Send your thoughts to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com.

* It is with heavy hearts that we regret to inform you that we did not produce an Official Forum Thread Masterpiece theater for this episode. Not to pull a guilt trip, but YOU have the power to not let this happen again! Your participation can ensure that this fun segment makes an appearance every show. Send your Official Forum Thread Masterpiece Theater audio segments (or humorous forum threads) to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com.

Links for you to Visit:

* Taken a break from Diablo III? Not sure of exactly what was added in Patch 2.1? DiabloFans has a wonderful Patch 2.1 Information Round-Up laying out all of the changes for you.

* Any time there’s a new patch it’s always a good idea to have a refresher on How +Elemental% damage works. Youtuber Such Stronk has you covered!

* Legendary gems might be the biggest addition to increasing player power and upgrading them might seems a bit arbitrary. Thankfully redditor Khaozxd but together a handy Legendary Gem Visual Upgrade Chart to help make the process a little easier to understand.

* If the visual chart to leveling up your legendary gems wasn’t enough YouTuber Meathead Mikhail posted a legendary gem guide to give you the low down on them.


* Play Your Way is back and this time community manager Nevalistis is joined by Systems Designer John Yang and YouTubers Qelric and Deadset to discuss his leap quake barbarian.

* Speaking of Deadset, we have a batch of his videos to share with you. Check out his thoughts and experiences leveling as a Crusader in the first season as well as the continuation of his Sanctuary Sunday Talk with his videos on The Creation of the Diablo Universe and The Eternal Conflict.

* With Nevik fully embracing the way of the Sahptev faith it is only fitting that we bring to you an effective monk build, even in the higher torments. If you’re looking for a COOL monk build to play, check out FriendandMachine’s T5+ Cold Monk guide.


* Last, but not least, we mentioned that friend of the show Rebur (@Chaos5061) had a YouTube channel. Check out his let’s play’sh gameplay videos for Diablo III and Minecraft!


Song of the Show:

For this episode’s Song of the Show we bring to you another prose set to a musical beat. Diablo 3 Rap by Dan Bull is quite simply a lyrical masterpiece and hopefully we will see a Reaper of Souls themed piece from Dan Bull in the future. You can find more of Dan Bull’s work on his YouTube channel and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Have a Diablo III related comment, question, story, or rant that you’d like to share with all of us? Send your email, or short audio comment, to Show@ShatteredSoulstone.com.

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