Christmas Dreams Come True – Episode 439

In this episode, I started with various news articles about Microsoft/Activision Blizzard King, and two articles announcing that Bobby Kotick will depart Activision. Merry Christmas! Also talked about various Diablo games.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Wall Street Journal (via Microsoft Start) posted: “Activision Blizzard to Pay More than $50 Million to Settle Lawsuit That Spurred Microsoft’s Takeover”
  • Kotaku reported: “Activision To Settle Discrimination Suit for $54 Million [Update]”
  • Variety reported: “Activision Blizzard to Pay Nearly $55 Million to Settle Lawsuit Alleging Pay Discrimination Against Women”
  • The Verge reported: “Microsoft announces more Xbox leadership changes as Activision’s Bobby Kotick departs”
  • Engadget reported: “Bobby Kotick’s reign at Activision Blizzard ends December 29, 2023”
  • CNBC reported: “Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick to step down at the end of the year.”
  • PCGamer posted an article titled: “In less than a year, Blizzard transformed Diablo 4 into an action RPG worth of grinding for” (by Tyler Colp)
  • Wowhead posted: “Abattoir of Zir Returning in the Future with Better Rewards – Blizzard Confirms” (by Jenartroz)
  • Diablo Immortal posted on Twitter/X about the new Survivor’s Bane event.
  • ECHO Gaming Diablo posted a YouTube video titled: “Everything Revealed: this Winter Update is Insane! Diablo Immortal”
  • Rhykker posted on YouTube a video titled: “The Unseen Story Before Diablo 3: Diablo Lore Explained”
  • Titoli1 posted on the Diablo IV forum “Season 2 Feedback”
  • FilthieRich (Community Manager) posted “HOTFIX 5 – December 20 2023 – 1.2.3a” – General PC Discussion – Diablo IV
  • Blizzard Watch posted: “How to complete the Season Journey in Diablo 4 Season 2” (by Elizabeth Harper)
  • Wowhead posted: “Diablo 4 Nominated in 2023 Steam Awards – Best Game on Steam Deck Category” (by Arktane)
  • Wowhead posted: “Best Abattoir of Zir Enemy Types – Diablo 4 Season 2” (by Jenartroz)
  • Wowhead posted: “New Zone Event for Midwinter – Blighted Revelry Summons the Red-Cloaked Horror” (by Jenartroz)
  • Diablo posted on X/Twitter: ‘Tis the season for dark gifts Wanderer. Claim the Dragoon’s Path mount armor and two mount trophies in the Free Gifts section of the shop now.” (available until December 26th at 10AM PT)
  • Diablo posted on X/Twitter: “Add the Shard of Dawn Aspect to your arsenal. While empowered by the Midwinter Ward (unlocked by reaching Tribute Tier 3), each enemy kill reduces cooldown by 1 second.)
  • Diablo posted a YouTube video titled: “Snowfall in Fractured Peaks | Emanations of Sanctuary”
  • Diablo IV is currently on sale at a discount (for Ultimate Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, and Standard Edition) at 40% off.

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