Vessel Of Hatred – Episode 433

In this episode, I explained why we skipped an episode. I also talked about Microsoft blocking ‘unauthorized Xbox Controllers’; Blizzard’s President on ‘new era” under Xbox; the Diablo IV Campfire Chat from Blizzcon (in case you missed it); GlassCannon and Blizzard Entertainment team up on a board game and a Roleplaying game; Samwise Didier Retires; Diablo IV Patch Notes; and more!

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • The Verge posted “Microsoft starts blocking ‘unauthorized’ Xbox controllers and accessories”
  • The Verge posted: “Blizzard’s president on the studio’s ‘new era’ under Xbox”
  • YouTube has a video of the Diablo IV Campfire Recap – in case you missed it.
  • Glass Cannon Unplugged and Blizzard Entertainment made a Diablo Board Game and a Diablo Roleplaying Game.
  • IGN posted: “Blizzard Art Director and Panderen Creator Samwise Didier Retires After 32 Years”
  • @SamwiseDidier posted on X a statement titled: “What lies beyond the storm?”
  • Blizzard posted Diablo IV Patch Notes – some of which are amusing
  • Engadget (via Yahoo! News) posted “Diablo IV’s first expansion will introduce a brand-new class in late 2024”
  • Yahoo! posted on Yahoo! News posted: “Diablo IV’s Class Designer plans to add new things players aren’t even asking for, doesn’t ‘see a hurdle’ to bring Blood Knight or other classes to game”
  • Diablo IV posted a video titled: “Those Were Not Stores | Grandfather” on YouTube
  • Wowhead posted “Vessel of Hatred Expansion Concept Art – Diablo 4” (by Silec)
  • Blizzard Watch posted “Class-specific Malignant Rings return Season 1 powers to the game full-time – now live!” (by Liz Patt)
  • RockLove Jewelry posted: “Diablo IV X RockLove Collection” It includes: Lilith Collar, Lilith Earrings, Lilith Ring, Inarius Necklace, and an Inarius Ring

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