Midwinter Blight – Episode 434

In this episode, I start by reading you some changes to Heroes Of The Storm. Also talked about Blizzard’s Black Friday sale; Amazon’s Diablo: Horadric Vault – The Complete Collection; The Blood Harvest; an older article from IGN about Season of Blood; Mother’s Blessing returns to Sanctuary; Diablo Immortal Harvest Bounty; How to pet the dogs in Diablo IV; Midwinter’s Blight Rewards, and more!

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Heroes Of The Storm Patch Notes – November 16, 2023
  • Battle.Net Black Friday Sale is Live!
  • Amazon has Diablo: Horadric Vault – The Complete Collection
  • The Blood Harvest is still live – through November 20
  • The Diablo Blood Harvest website has reached 100% – unlocking rewards for those who participated
  • IGN posted: “Diablo 4 Season of Blood” – (Renee “Wren” Lopez, Hannah Hoolihan, Will Borger and more)
  • Mother’s Blessing Returns To Sanctuary – from November 20 through November 27
  • @DiabloImmortal posted on Twitter/X about the Harvest Bounty
  • Joe Shely (Designer @Blizzard Entertainment on Diablo) posted about how to pet dogs in Diablo IV and to get cats to stretch.
  • Wowhead posted “Midwinter Blight Rewards and Gameplay – Diablo 4’s First Holiday Event” (by Tharid)
  • @Diablo posted on Twitter/X “Survive the Midwinter Blight. Earn free rewards for every class. Coming to #DiabloIV on December 12” There is a video embedded in that tweet.
  • Wowhead posted “Everything We Know About Grigoire & Living Steel Chests in Diablo 4” (by PopularTopular)
  • CoCo teamed up with Diablo IV (in October) Check out the weird looking drinks they made!

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