WTFTC?! – Episode 416

In this episode, I start with articles mentioning the US. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in their court case against Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. Blizzard observes Juneteenth for the first time.

Leviathan has moved from the Diablo Immortal team to the Diablo IV team. June 23 Hotfix list is up. Wowhead has advice about Dungeon side quests for renown. Maxroll has nightmare dungeon tier list, farming guides, and more. Season one of Diablo IV will require a brand new character. And more!

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • The Verge posted an article titled: “Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and many Xbox executives are set to defend its FTC case”
  • Gizmodo posted an article titled: “Hearing Over Microsoft’s Takeover of Activision Blizzard Begins, With Bigwhigs Set to Testify”
  • IGN posted an article titled: “Microsoft Admits Xbox Has ‘Lost the Console Wars’ as It Battles for $69 Billion Activision Blizzard Buyout”
  • IGN posted an article titled: “Xbox Series X and Game Pass Are About To Get A Little More Expensive”
  • Kotaku posted an article titled: “Is PlayStation Really Worried About Losing Call of Duty to Microsoft? Private Emails Say No”
  • Blizzard has a lot of Diablo IV shirts in the Blizzard Gear Store.
  • Blizzard is celebrating Juneteenth as a paid company holiday – this year and in years to come
  • Leviathan (Stephen Stewart) announced he has moved from the Diablo Immortal team to the Diablo IV team!
  • PezRadar (Community Manager) posted some new Hotfixes for Diablo IV forums
  • Wowhead posted an article titled: “Complete These Dungeon Side Quests for Optimal Renown”
  • Maxroll posted “NEW Nightmare Dungeon Tier Lists and General Farming Guide”
  • Maxroll posted “Monster Families”
  • Forbes posted an article titled: “Blizzard Announces Significant ‘Diablo 4’ Changes for Season 1 and Beyond”
  • PC Gamer posted an article titled: “You have to start a fresh Diablo 4 character for each battle pass”
  • @Diablo posted a video on YouTube titled: “Behind the Scenes Diablo IV Original Soundtrack”
  • @MistressMinty posted a video of Lilith done in woodburning

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