Lilith Is Here – Episode 403

In this episode, I read to you part of an article about accessibility. I also caught you up on Microsoft who appears to have big plans (if the Activision Blizzard acquirement goes through). Eurogamer had an interview with Rod Fergusson and Joe Shely.

Blizzard has specs for the Open Beta for PC, Xbox, and Playstation. Adam Fletcher wrote a lot about queues and server disconnects (in the first beta). I also read you articles from Seasoned Gaming, IGN, and Wowhead. Adam Fletcher also wrote about what to expect in the Open Beta.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • IGN posted an article titled: “Growing Up and Gaming with a Disability”
  • GameSpot posted an article titled: “Phil Spencer Talks Xbox Mobile Store Planned for 2024”
  • VideoGamesChronicle posted an article titled: “Microsoft says 10 years is ‘sufficient for Sony to develop Call of Duty alternatives’
  • Competition and Markets Authority posted a press release titled: “CMA narrows scope of concerns in Microsoft – Activision review”
  • Eurogamer posted an article titled: “‘Beta has become a twisted word”: Blizzard responds to Diablo IV early access feedback”
  • Blizzard’s “Your Guide To The Diablo IV Open Beta” includes information on specs to play the Open Beta on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation
  • PezRadar (Adam Fletcher) posted: “[Updated March 18 – 6:45 PDT] – An update regarding queues and server disconnects”
  • Seasoned Gaming posted “Diablo 4 is Everything I Hoped It Would Be (So Far)”
  • IGN posted an article titled: “Diablo 4 Review in Progress – Beta Impressions”
  • PezRadar (Adam Fletcher) posted: “Expectations for the Diablo IV Open Beta (March 24-26)”
  • Wowhead posted an article titled: “Increased Legendary Drop Rate During Diablo IV Beta Confirmed”
  • GameSpot posted an article titled: “Blizzard Warns Of “Lengthy Queue Times” For Diablo 4 Open Beta”
  • GameSpot posted an article titled: “Diablo 4 – When Can You Play As The Necromancer And Druid”
  • WolfCryer posted a YouTube video titled: “Diablo 4 – My BIGGEST Concern”
  • Echohack posted a YouTube video titled: “Diablo IV Beta – Beta Feedback”
  • Annacake posted a YouTube video titled: “Diablo 4 – Exclusive Developer Interview”
  • Echohack posted a YouTube video titled: “Diablo IV Beta – Meeting the Butcher”

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