Diablo Christmas – Episode 390

In this episode, I talked about some questionable charities that Twitch selected. Microsoft is targeting Sony regarding the Activision Blizzard acquisition. A Better ABK has concerns about COVID and forcing people back into the office. Most of this episode was about the various Christmas-related stuff in Diablo 2: Resurrected, Diablo Immortal, and Diablo III. Also talked about the confusingly named Diablo IV Collectors Edition.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • Game Developer posted an article titled: “Twitch takes alleged hate group off approved charities list”
  • John Hight (SVP and General Manager, Warcraft) tweeted about Chris Metzen’s return
  • ABetterABK tweeted a thread about concerns over the lifting of vaccine requirements and making immunocompromised workers go back to the office
  • Brad Smith (Vice Chair and President of Microsoft) tweeted about the Activision Blizzard acquisition and expanding opportunities for gamers
  • Kotaku posted an article titled: “Phil Spencer Says Sony Wants To Grow At Xbox’s Expense”
  • Forbes posted an article titled: “Phil Spencer, Gloves Off: The Way Sony Grows ‘Is By Making Xbox Smaller'”
  • LifeAtBlizzard tweeted job openings on the Diablo Immortal team.
  • Blizzard posted “Sanctuary Freezes Over During The Hellish Holiday Event” (Diablo III)
  • Blizzard posted “22 Nights Of Terror Holiday Event” (Diablo II: Resurrected)
  • Diablo tweeted about the Diablo IV Developer Livestream
  • Rod Fergusson (SVP, GM of Diablo) tweeted about the Diablo Immortal 800% boosts
  • Diablo Immortal tweeted about the Developer Deep Dive video
  • Diablo Immortal posted “Crash Into Hell’s Minions In Terror’s Tide”
  • Blizzard Gear Store has the Diablo IV Limited Collector’s Box
  • Josh Strife Hayes tweeted “The Diablo 4 limited edition collectors edition does not include Diablo 4”
  • Diablo tweeted a chance to win a Collector’s Edition Box (with a link to the rules)
  • Bellular News posted a YouTube video titled: “Diablo 4 Team Is Falling Apart. Staff Leak It’s CONSTANT Development Hell”
  • r/thunderclaww posted “Thoughts on yesterday’s Diablo announcements” on Reddit

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