Much Blizzard – Episode 369

In this episode, I talked about unionization efforts at Activision Blizzard King and at Blizzard Albany. Blizzard is at San Diego Comic-Con (and you can buy merchandise from their website). There’s a Diablo and Castlevania inspired TRPG on Kickstarter. Job openings at Blizzard. Also talked about Diablo Immortal news, a little Diablo III news, and an explanation about Diablo IV beta.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • The Hill posted an article titled: “Changing the game in gaming”
  • The Washington Post posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard staff walk out, protesting loss of abortion rights”
  • @CODE_CWA tweeted some photos from the most recent Blizzard workers walkout
  • Game Developer posted an article titled: “Devs protest Activision Blizzard’s soft response to abortion rights reversal”
  • @AlphabetWorkers tweeted support of @ABetterABK
  • CBS Austin posted an article titled: “Activision Blizzard workers in Austin join nationwide walkout for reproductive protections”
  • Polygon posted an article titled: “A year after Activision Blizzard’s explosive lawsuit, workers walk once again to ‘end gender inequity'” (This article has an update from Mark Herr (representative of CEO Bobby Kotick)
  • @CODE_CWA responded to Mark Herr’s comment.
  • Kotaku posted an article titled: “Activision’s Former Tony Hawk Studio is Unionizing”
  • @WeAreGWAAlbany tweeted about their unionizing efforts
  • The Washington Post posted an article titled: “Blizzard, Albany, formerly Vicarious Visions, announces unionization bid”
  • @PureDiablo tweeted: “We are moving our Diablo Twitter action to the PUREDMG Twitter account…”
  • Blizzard is at San Diego Comic-Con!
  • Blizzard Gear Store will have many of the products shown at San Diego Comic-Con (later)
  • Dicebreaker posted an article titled: “TRPG inspired by Diablo and Castlevania co-created by Dungeons & Dragons writer”
  • Kickstarter for Hellguard: Curse of Caina has reached its goal (and is still fundraising)
  • Bloomberg posted an article titled: “NetEase to Launch Diablo Immortal in China After Long Delay”
  • Adam Fletcher posted a hiring for an Associate Community Manager for Diablo Francis (this position can be remote)
  • Job Opening for Associate Community Manager, Global Publishing, Diablo Franchise
  • Blizzard posted more information on a post titled: “Diablo Immortal’s First Post-Launch Content Update”
  • Blizzard posted “Class Change And New Features Debut In Diablo Immortal”
  • Wowhead posted screenshots of the Diablo Immortal Cosmetic Armor Set: Bloodsworm
  • FilthieRich (Community Manager -Diablo) posted “Diabo PTR 2.7.4 | PTR Extension Notice + Updates”
  • BigDaddyDen posted “WD Feed Back PTR 2.7.4”
  • BigDaddyDen posted a YouTube video titled: “Diablo News of The Week D4 Beta and D3 PTR Updates!”
  • Adam Fletcher (@PezRadar) tweeted “…there are now THREE people with “Fletcher” as their last name on the Diablo IV team…”
  • @kastoR responded to @PezRadar with an amusing question
  • Wowhead posted “Diablo IV Beta on Launcher”
  • Rod Ferguson (SVP, GM of Diablo franchise) explained that the beta is an internal only test
  • @idgafooopie posted artwork featuring Lilith
  • @Diablo tweeted about the #DiabloHellsInk tour, and posted a photo of a large tattoo of a Necromancer

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