Finally, Immortal! – Episode 362

In this episode, I mentioned Pride month and API Heritage month. The news this time includes a dropped lawsuit, Microsoft’s supporting unionization, and The Washington Post writing about Diablo Immortal! Belgium and the Netherlands won’t release the game because of loot boxes. I also highlighted information about Diablo Immortal including content from the Diablo community.

Things mentioned in this episode:

  • BioWare tweeted support for trans rights, women’s rights, and bodily autonomy.
  • Respawn tweeted: Trans Rights are Human Rights
  • A Better ABK quote-tweeted BioWare and wrote “THIS is what leadership looks like.”
  • Blizzard Entertainment started an API Heritage Month thread highlighting Blizzard workers
  • posted an article titled: “Parents of Activision suicide victim ask for lawsuit to be dropped”
  • Wired posted an article titled: “Video Gaming Got Its First Major Union. Now What?”
  • IGN posted an article titled: “Phil Spencer Says He Will Recognize Raven Software’s Union Once Acquisition is Complete”
  • Microsoft posted “Microsoft adopts principles for employee organizing and engagement with labor organizations”
  • A Better ABK quote tweeted the above article and tweeted “We look forward to working with you, @BradSm!”
  • The Washington Post posted an article titled: “‘Diablo Immortal’ aims to be a breakthrough hit for AAA mobile games”
  • PC Gamer posted an article titled: “Diablo Immortal reportedly won’t be released in Belgium or the Netherlands because of loot boxes”
  • Diablo Immortal has a YouTube video titled: “#AudioDescription Diablo Immortal | Launch Trailer”
  • Blizzard posted: “Diablo Immortal: The Story So Far”
  • Blizzard posted: “Diablo Immortal – Your Roadmap To Hell”
  • Jen tweeted (on the @ShatteredStone account) that Shattered Soulstone will be on the NA-West “The Soulstones” server.
  • Diablo Next posted “Guías de clases de Diablo Immortal”
  • Maxroll posted guides for Helliquary Raids
  • Echo Gaming posted a YouTube video titled: “the STORYLINE of Diablo Immortal”
  • Echo Gaming posted a YouTube video titled: “Immortal Podcast Episode 25 w/ special guest Wyatt Cheng – Diablo Immortal”
  • Blizzard Gear store has Diablo Immortal merch (and more)!

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