Season 24 Soon – Episode 315

In this episode, I reviewed my week in gaming and where you can find the videos of it. After that, I briefly talked about the end of Diablo III Season 23, information about the upcoming Season 24, and pointed you towards content from the Diablo Community.

Things I talked about in this episode:

  • Season 23 of Diablo III ends on July 18, 2021
  • Season 24 of Diablo III starts on July 23, 2021
  • Levithan posted a YouTube video titled: “Season 24 Starts July 23 Patch 2.7.1 Recap”
  • BigDaddyDen posted a YouTube video titled: “Season 24 Start Date / Patch Notes!”
  • Maxroll posted “LoD Poison Dart ‘Carnevil’ Witch Doctor Guide” written by Chewingnom
  • Hearthstone to Hell released episode 28
  • Westmarch Workshop released “June 2021 Dev Blog Feedback”
  • Heather posted two wonderful photos of her Lilith statue, surrounded thematic objects.
  • @Diablo posted a tweet that featured a video of Stash Tetris.
  • Pure Diablo posted “Diablo 2 Necromancer Fishymancer Build Starter Guide)” – by PhineasB
  • Game LORE Dash posted a YouTube video titled: “What Happens if you CHOOSE NOT TO SAVE DECKARD CAIN?? Diablo 2 Resturected”
  • Carbot posted a YouTube video titled: “Lord of Terror | DiabLoL 2 Ep25”
  • Blizzard’s Celebration Collection (from BlizzConLine) is available through February 15, 2022 and on sale.
  • Blizzard’s Summer Sale include savings on Diablo II Prime Evil Collection, Diablo II Resurrected (both are preorders) and Diablo III Eternal Collection.

Where to find Jen’s Diablo Content Creation:

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