Episode 240 – Have you seen my pants?!

Show notes originally posted by Vespertilio

Shazam spent a lot of time farming rift keys then he started smashing greater rifts to meet his 1200 paragon goal for the week. The goal of gaining 200 paragon levels a week might be a little too much so he is going to revise his goal and make it 100 per week.

Deadgreed hit the 800 paragon mark and he is now over 900. Augmenting is the new goal for the week. He is farming greater rift 94s and 95s to level gems and gain more paragon.

Dave and Busters adventures, Discord issues, and Diablo 4 news!

If you would like to see them goof off while recording the show, you can find the episode here on YouTube!

In this episode:

  • Shazam keeps pushing further and making his goals
  • Deadgreed has some fun at Dave and Busters
  • Discord had some issues over the weekend
  • Diablo 4 news
  • Jen’s Lore Corner episodes can be found at Book of Jen.
  • Deadgreed and Shazam talk about other media.

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