Episode 123 – Director Who?

In this episode, Lanntonio is joined by Vespertillo (also known as Dylan). Breja is busy this week, and Jen is struggling to cope with the start of ragweed season (so they aren’t in this episode).

In this episode:

* They share what’s going on in their real lives before discussing what they each have been up to in-game as Season 6 came to its end. Those of you who wanted to learn more about Monk builds or Witch Doctor builds are in for a treat! They also have some advice about set dungeons and where to find pets and cosmetics.

* They mention the Diablo II videos that feature Lanntonio and Verspertillo playing the game together.

* They read and responded to tweets from: @Shawno, @Medros, and @Lanntonio.

You can send your thoughts, questions, comments, and stories about what you have been up to in Diablo III to show@shatteredsoulstone.com, or send us a tweet @ShatteredStone. We will be happy to read it and share our thoughts about it in our next episode.

Links for you to Visit:

* Polygon reported that Josh Mosqueira has left Blizzard Entertainment.

* Starting with that news, Lanntonio and Vespertillo went into a discussion about what the future of the Diablo franchise might be like. What do you think will happen? Send your thoughts to Show@Shatteredsoulstone.com or tweet us @ShatteredStone!

* Nevalistis posted a blog titled: “First-Look – Season 7 Journey”.

* Nevalistis also created a Forum post titled: Welcome Back Tyvalir!

* “Play Your Way Thursday” featured Sindro’s “Convection Barb” Build.

* Leviathan posted a video titled “[Diablo 3] Season 7 Preview – Haedrig’s Gift & Seasonal Journey Rework”.

* Rhykker posted a video called “Diablo 4 job postings, Diablo 3’s future, “Dark Prophet” Expansion Hoax”

* Wyatt Cheng added a comment, and an apology, on the Forum Post titled: “Location of Khazra (Fallen) Pennant?” In short, Wyatt Cheng apologizes that they made a mistake and certain items that were intended to be extremely rare did not appear at all.

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