Call to Arms: Diablo II Ladder Reset

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

You’ve heard us mention that there’s going to be a Diablo II: Lord of Destruction ladder reset on May 26th, 2015. You’ve also heard us mention that many of us in the Shattered Soulstone community are going to be using this opportunity as a diversion from the Season 3 grind and revisit the game that sparked our addiction. You may have even heard us casually mention that we will be rolling hardcore characters for the new ladder. What you haven’t heard are the specific details on how we are going to coordinate our efforts to take a trip down memory lane together.


While there are no clan systems nor communities built in to Diablo II, we do have the modern advances of our Mumble server and this website to at least give folks some idea on how to play together. Obviously the BEST way to play together is to hop on Mumble, especially since we’re playing Hardcore and we highly encourage everyone to hop on…

It’s A LOT MORE FUN to be on Mumble¬†while playing. (Mumble server details can be found in the sidebar)

Beyond that we will be concentrating our efforts on the US East servers and if you’re looking for a Shattered Soulstone game, we encourage everyone to use “SScast Game #” syntax to help identify and coordinate group play. Should we need to employ password protection to keep our games spam-bot free, we also encourage game creators to use “redredwine” as the password.

We’re not quite sure how long our interest with stay with Diablo II, but suffice to say most of us will at least clear Normal, maybe Nightmare. Doubt many of us in the community will have the wherewithal to climb to 99, but who knows!

Now, if you’re not big into reading, let’s give you the TLDR;

  • May 26th, 2015 Diablo II: Lord of Destruction ladder reset
  • Playing on US East servers
  • Ladder Hardcore characters
  • Use Mumble to coordinate
  • Game naming convention: SScast Game #
  • Passwords for games (if needed): redredwine

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