Nate Kenyon in a Can

Nate Kenyon with Breja and P-Dog

Show notes originally posted by Nevik

Nate Kenyon recently paid a visit to Breja’s son’s school to talk about being an author and possibly inspire/conscript the next generation of Diablo novelists. As if that wasn’t enough Breja had a chance to sit down privately and chat with him about all sorts of things and even provided us with some signed copies of Diablo III: Storm of Light. Stay tuned for details on how to obtain one!

Nate Kenyon signing

Timing could not have been better with the recent release of Diablo III: Storm of Light and patch 2.0. Nate Kenyon brought energy and insight in what it takes to follow your dreams and become a writer. We hope that you enjoy this special episode of Shattered Soulstone. If you have not already read Nate Kenyon’s original, we highly suggest that you do so! You can find out more about Nate Kenyon and all of his published work at

Nate Kenyon speakingjpg

You can hear the entirety of Nate Kenyon’s presentation when episode 60, our Reaper of Souls extravaganza, is released! The Reaper is Coming!

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